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Kuhmo tires at National Tour available?How

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  • Kuhmo tires at National Tour available?How

    I asked this casually before but does anyone know the exact procedures to have Kuhmo tires ready for you at National Tour?

    Just in case all my r-compounds are corded before the event.. I'd like to know the procedures/deadlines etc.

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    The Kumho support vehicle will be at Wendover for the ProSolo and at Bremerton for the National Tour. In order to get your tires on the trailer for delivery at Bremerton, you need to call C.U.T./Vilven Tire sometime before next Wednesday, July 10. Mike Taylor is on the road, supporting other events, but Yvonne is there today (they're closed tomorrow and Friday), and either she or Bob will be there next week.

    To place an order, call them at 1-888-775-8646. Tell them what tires you need, and that you want them at Bremerton. Mike will put them on the truck and have them there waiting for you.