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URGENT: CACC #4 Supplementary Regulations

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  • URGENT: CACC #4 Supplementary Regulations

    VCMC Motorsport Club

    CACC Solo Championship Event #4

    Sponsored by: Yokohama Canada & Kumho Motorsports

    July 14, 2002 @ Boundary Bay Autocross Centre
    Sanctioned by CACC and affiliated with ASN Canada FIA Inc.

    Mandatory Pre-tech @ Bela Construction 1668 W. 75th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. Canada
    Date: Wed. July 10, 2002 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

    Please bring your helmet and tires.
    All Lower Mainland Competitors must attend. Out-of-town entrants are exempt. Vehicles normally carried on trailers may tech at the event site on Sunday but owners/drivers must register at Pre-tech. If you cannot attend Pre-tech due to a serious and unavoidable schedule conflict, contact the Event Chair or Chief of Registration.

    Event Schedule
    Late Tech/Registration: 7:00am - 8:30am
    Driver’s meeting: 9:00am (all competitors must attend)
    First run group to grid: 9:15am (run/work groups posted after registration)
    First car out: 9:30am
    Trophy presentation: 5:30pm (approximate time, subject to change)

    Event Officials
    Event Chairperson Sead Causevic ([email protected])
    Workers Coordinator Yarko Petriw
    Registration Manager Mason Yu ([email protected])
    Tech Manager Omid Manoucheri ([email protected])
    Timing/Scoring Manager Hyedie Hashimoto ([email protected])
    Course Designer Karen Babb/Farzaan Kassam
    Chief of Clean Up Guido VanDuyn ([email protected])

    Entry Fees
    $25 at Pre-tech and for out-of-town competitors
    $30 at the event site (no exceptions other than those listed) (Waived due to mailout error)
    $5 Day License (where applicable)

    Membership Fee
    $40 for a new membership to join VCMC Motorsport Club (if you are not presently a member of a club)

    Run/Work Order
    The run order will be posted after registration closes on July 14th, 2002. This is to allow the computer system to apportion classes based on equal run group times. This is a direct result of feedback from last year’s series where drivers of certain classes had to work 50% longer due to the work assignments being set based on overall class grouping, rather than individual classes. Please be sure to check the timing truck after registration to determine your run group and your work groups. Work assignments will also be posted on the timing truck.

    1. RULES: These events will be held under the 2002 CACC Solo Rules and General Competition Rules as they apply.

    2. QUALIFICATIONS: All Competitors must possess a current valid driver's license, and be at least 16 years old on the day of the event. Drivers under the age of majority must have written permission from a parent or guardian.

    3. SPEED LIMITS: The off-course speed limit is 15 km/h. This applies to all pit and staging areas, as well as any site entry/exit roads. Local speed limits also apply. VIOLATORS WILL BE SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION AND WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE SITE.

    4. INTOXICANTS: Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or drugs will be permitted on the event site. Competitors are not allowed to compete under the influence of such substances. VIOLATORS WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE SITE.

    5. CHILDREN & PETS: The pre-grid and course areas are completely off limits to small children and animals. Pets must be adequately leashed or otherwise secured.

    6. TIMING VEHICLE(S): Official vehicles are for authorized event personnel only, and you are NOT authorized.

    7. SITE AMENITIES: Fuel, air, and helmets may not be readily available at the event site. Competitors are advised to be prepared for such unavailabilities.

    8. HELMETS: Helmets are required for all competitors. A minimum Snell 90 rating is required.

    9. SCCA VEHICLES: Vehicles prepared to SCCA Solo2 classes are allowed to compete as long as they are correctly classified in the corresponding CACC classification with consideration given to levels of modification.

    10. WORK REQUIREMENT: All Competitors must complete work assignments to be eligible for individual event awards and Championship Series points. NO WORK = NO POINTS

    11. OUT OF GROUP RUNS: Competitors needing to run outside of their assigned run group must do so in writing to the Chief Event Organizer prior to the driver’s meeting. Adequate justification (eg; work conflict) is required. This applies to Championship Events only. Out of group runs shall be noted on the scoreboard. Competitors running out of group may be subject to protest if a weather change influences results in their favour. If such a protest is filed, an appropriate time penalty will be determined by the Steward(s) of the Event.

    12. OUT OF GROUP WORKING: Out of group working must be submitted to the Event Chair in writing prior to the first affected work group time.

    13. REGULAR CLASSES: All cars shall run according to the 1999 car classifications, as amended from time to time by CACC.

    14. PAX CLASSES: Two PAX classes will be provided, one Open and one Ladies. These will be calculated as per the CACC PAX Schedule. PAX times are calculated as follows:

    Time = (raw time x PAX index) + pylon penalties

    PAX drivers will run within their own PAX groups.

    15. NOVICE & LADIES CLASS: Novices and Ladies Competitors will run with their corresponding regular run group. Their times and points will be calculated separately.

    16. AWARDS: Trophies will be awarded at all Championship Events according to participation levels as outlined in the CACC Solo Rule Book. A Competitor need not be a CACC Competition License holder to qualify for a trophy. However, a Competitor wishing to earn points in the Championship must possess a CACC Competition License.

    17. SCORING: The fastest of any official timed runs, plus penalties, shall be used to determine final event rankings. Penalties shall be 2 seconds for each displaced pylon as per the 'Down-&-Out Rule', (Fig. 1 below). Any missed gates result in a DNF (Did Not Finish). Non-CACC Licensed drivers will also be considered for event results.

    18. RESPECT THE SITE: Please do not litter. Keep your pit area safe. Any and all fluids removed from a vehicle must be taken with you at the end of the event day.

    19. PASSENGER POLICY: No passengers will be allowed on any official timed runs during a CACC Championship event.

    20. Vehicles not possessing side glass may run with an approved window net.

    21. NOISE LIMITATIONS: Current CACC noise limits in effect. Vehicles exceeding this limit shall forfeit any subsequent runs unless noise can be controlled. Please make sure your vehicle complies. (NO EXCEPTIONS). Noise Limit @ Boundary Bay is 102db.

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