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  • Upcoming Solo I events

    Hey Guys,

    As promised at the last meeting, here is some more information on the upcoming Solo I events.

    SCCBC Solo I events:
    - Aug 17-18
    - Sept 28-29
    These events require a high level of safety equipment as per SCCBC, the same as Hillclimbs. SA Helmet, rollover protection, firesuit.... This event is also limited to about 18-20 competitors and includes practice time on the course. I will post registration information when I get it.

    BCMA Solo I presented by Drivers Edge:
    -Aug 5th, Monday after the BC Championship
    This event will require the minimum CACC Solo I safety requirements, which is basically a five point belt and full body coverage of non-synth clothes, plus a few other things. Drivers Edge Autosports is sponsoring/organizing this event and BCMA is hosting it for them. The format is very interesting, the morning will be a "track day" format and the afternoon will be a timed solo I. Expect a lot of the PDC boys here, cant wait to spank them! I am one of the "organizers" of this event and we should have more info by next week.

    BCMA Track Day:
    -October 5th
    This will be a standard track day, more info to come.

    So all is not lost, there are some Solo I events you will be able to attend this year.