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Crazy idea: How about autocrossing at Mission?

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  • Crazy idea: How about autocrossing at Mission?

    How feasible would it be to hold an autox at the Mission track?

    I've heard of autox venues held on road race tracks before, like the Western Canadian Championship last year etc. To make it safer, we can throw in chicanes here and there to slow down the speeds in key areas. I think it would be fun.


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    Sounds like fun! Also sounds very expensive


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      Certainly it's feasible, I've also floated the idea of running Solo 1's at Mission. The biggest problem is the higher level (cost) of safety preparation required by Mission raceway ie: rollcage nomex suit etc. I still think it's a good idea and worth pursuing though.



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        There is actually an event being put on by Driver's Edge in September (16th?). Not a Boundary Bay type autoX, more of a timed event around the track.


        I've been told, and I wouldn't disagree, that autoXers do much better on the track than track-boys do in an autoX ie the discipline of autoX is
        more rigourous than that of doing track days.
        If anyone is interested, talk to Frank at Driver's Edge (


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          I would think it is unlikely that we could run a solo II at mission safely. We (BCMA to be specific) has tried a few occasions and the reality is that once you put chicanes on the fast sections (straights) you have put the cars really close to the friendly concrete walls. About 7 years back a fellow put his newesh MR2 into the wall in the straight that was set up as a slalom, he hit three corners of his car and even destroyed his rear suspension (close to $20K damage).

          The other issue is of course that our rules dictate safe distances from unmoveable objects (25ft I beleive), I dont think you can do that at mission even if you drive down the center of the course.

          If you want to run at Mission is is best to do so as a Solo I.