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July 14th Championship post event discussion

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  • July 14th Championship post event discussion

    Please provide any positive or not so positive, constructive feedback in this topic.

    Thank you for participating in a VCMC Motorsport Club event, we appreciate it!

    VCMC Motorsport Club
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    I was a little skeptical about the course overlap when I first saw it but it actually turned out great! It would have been nice if it was a little longer but all in all no complaints. It sure was nice to get 4 runs and be home by 4pm!

    While the, Crucible Constructors, Dodge Neon had a dismal day placing 3rd and 5th in DSS today, I would like to congatulate Damon "Demon" Chan for a outstanding win in DSS today! Putting over a second on a very competitive class is quite an accomplishment!
    Well done Damon!

    Chris Beere
    #45 DSS Neon


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      I thought the coarse was excellent however I was disappointed it was so short, 39 seconds?!? I know how tough it is to get the exact time right with different courses though but I would prefer if we err on the longer side, we did finish just before 3pm so we should have had lots of time for rain and/or problems.

      I am more impressed every event with the card reader/timer set-up. Great event otherwise.


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        Hey guys,
        Just wanna thank my event crew for pulling off a good event:
        Omid, Mase, Guido, Hyedie, Yarko and everyone else that helped me out.

        I really enjoyed the course, but it was definitely a toughy. I saw lots of people(seniors and newbies) scratching their head after their runs. I believe it was a true high level course where it required being able to pick out the key cones for the fast line. Walking the course 3-5 times was a must today. But how many of us walk a course 5 times?...


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          great event people! a big hand to all the drivers for being so quick to report for work assignments i think we had some excellent changeovers thanks to you! i though the course was fun and really a great example of having to "slow down to go fast". kudos to sead for managing the show and the rest of the team for making it run so smoothly. special thanx to gerald for helping me survive COW once again!
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            I thought the course yesterday was outstanding! Very different from what we've been used to and from just watching the cars on course, you could tell that ALOT of thought went into designing the course in terms of safety and overlap.


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              I thought it was a terrific event, and after so many recent events I thought it was great to have a nice short course and an early finnish. I really wasn't looking forward to standing around for 2 hours working in the sun. It was a fun course and proved to make some great competition in all the classes. Congrats to all the designers and workers and staff that made another great event.


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                I think the event was excellent!!! The course design was awesome, and because of the overlap, we could finish the event early enough to go having an evening tea before heading to Boom.


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                  <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by sandy lam:
                  I think the event was excellent!!! The course design was awesome, and because of the overlap, we could finish the event early enough to go having an evening tea before heading to Boom. <hr></blockquote>

                  What's Boom Sandy?


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                    Boom is an import modify car show in Richmond.

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                      <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by tora:
                      it was great to have a nice short course.<hr></blockquote>

                      Well - nice and short are not usually terms that I will use together to describe a course - but it was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be after walking it. IMHO - it was too short for a championship course. That being said - at least I never touched a cone all day.

                      As far as organization of the event goes - great job everyone.
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