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  • how to tell which class

    hello all, how do you find out what class my car is in? i have not drove at an autox before, but i attended a few to check it out and it looks fun. do i just send in the money and show up. then they tell me where to go? btw my car is a nissan 240sx and my only mods are tein ha coilovers, a front strut bar, a recaro srd seat and a 4pt harness. thanks

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    Since you have fairly minor mods on your 240sx, it'll be in a class called D/SuperStock with cars like the Dodge Neon, VW GTI, Integra GSR, Subarus, etc. There is a restriction in D/SS with regards to your coilovers that the lower spring perch should be in the same location as if you had the regular strut/spring suspension combo.
    Since you are just begining autocross, don't worry too much about classing or your car's preparation. Get some experience first, and than talk to your fellow competitors about your car's setup for the respective class. Look up the event schedule on our site and come out to have some fun.


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      hi, well im not worried about getting first place and the competion, i just would like to run the track. but i didnt know if i have to sign up for a class or they tell me what class, thanks for the reply, btw is there diffrent types of events? i see theres Velocity Car Development Event, then theres Closed Club Events. whats the diffrance? thanks


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        Closed clubs are members only practices. The Velocity event is a special test & tune set up expressly for more experienced drivers.
        Show up and register for D/SS, tell registration you're a complete novice and they'll help you out if the class is wrong.


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          i was also told at b bay theres a skid pad, this true? thanks


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            A skidpad is just one of the possible configurations available. Unless you sign up for driving school or a car development session, we usually do not run a skidpad.

            BTW, coilover springs would put you into DSP.
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