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Mythical SCCA Championship - Different Class/Non-Entrants

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  • Mythical SCCA Championship - Different Class/Non-Entrants

    I'd like to know who definitely isn't competing in a class at nationals that is posted in the forecast at http://PonyCar.Net/Solo2_National_Ch...Forecast.htm). So if you know someone (or yourself) who entered a class at an NT who absolutely will not compete in that class at nationals, or just won't compete at nationals in any class this year, let me know.

    I want to cut down the size of the list, particularly to help determine a better idea of how many entrants (and therefore trophies) there actually will be.

    I'll make a separate section to show how people would have done if they had decided to enter that class.


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    Please take me off your list. Not that I'm not going, but a good finish at a single event shouldn't carry much weight. Just let me hide in the weeds.