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Another co-drive for Nationals

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  • Another co-drive for Nationals

    Another ride just became available.

    Chris? Yarko? Guido? Hyedie?;f=4;t=002066


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    I've been hounding my boss for a while but looks like all that time off is a no go =(. oh well i'll stick to my plan and be ready to go next year in my car! (unless anybody out there wants to hire a capable psychology major fulltime for...anything..after mid-september)...-i'm serious here-.
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    1992 Acura Integra LS - for those other days (or when I need a trunk)

    2014 Knox Mountain Hill Climb - King of the Hill
    2012 Knox Mountain Hill Climb - New record FF1600, 2nd Overall
    2011 Knox Mountain Hill Climb - Record holder FF1600, 3rd Overall.
    2011 SCCA National Championship - 3 cars, 2 classes, I have no idea...
    2010 SCCA National Tour - 1st CM
    2009 SCCA National Championship - 2nd CM
    2009 SCCA National Tour - 1st CM
    2005 Canadian National Champion - CSP


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      I've read about the thread on the miata forum. I chatted with Bill at the Bremerton tour. He is a nice and funny guy. His car is fast and fully prepped for SCCA CSP. Too bad I can't really compare my times to his at Bremerton since I ran in the morning with cold and moist condition while he was running in the afternoon with the perfect warm and dry condition. Anyways, I prefer to use my own car wherever possible for the big event even if that means I may be slow.


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        Chris you should go,

        I am not yet ready for this level of competition even though I would love to go. Think it over Chris I think you're the ideal canidate for this opportunity.

        By the way Joe, I love your latest signature!



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          He was pitted right next to me at NT!!

          My driving would NOT do that car justice


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            <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Miata Girl:
            My driving would NOT do that car justice <hr></blockquote>

            You're better than you think you are.

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              Okay I'll try again.

              Come on guys someone who went to Bremerton go for it!!!!!!!!!

              It a great opportunity to drive a competive car in an extremely competitive class.

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