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CACC Championship #6 Supp Regs

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  • CACC Championship #6 Supp Regs

    Official supps are in the mail, in the mean time:

    Burnaby Coquitlam Motorsport Association


    Event #6 in the 2002 CACC Solo Championship Series
    Sunday, September 8, 2002
    Boundary Bay Airport NE Corner, Ladner, BC
    Supplemental Regulations
    Held under the 2002 CACC GCR and Solo Events Rules

    Sponsors: Yokohama Tire & Kumho Tires

    Event Schedule:

    Mandatory Pre-Tech:
    Grandview Tire & Auto
    2886 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC
    Date: Wednesday, September 4, 2002, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
    *** DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 6:30pm ***

    Mandatory: Bring helmets, tires, and numbers to pre-tech and tech.
    The above items must be presented during technical inspection to completely pass the technical inspection procedure. Please also refer to Section C of the Supplemental Regulations.

    Event Check-in (Late Tech): 7:00 am to 8:30 am Course Open for Walk-through: 7:00 am to 9:00 am (no official walk-though will be scheduled)
    Driver’s Meeting – Mandatory: 9:00 am
    First heat to grid/Workers ready: 9:15 am
    Competition begins: 9:30 am

    Entry Fees:
    $25.00 @ Pre-Tech and for out of town competitors
    $30.00 on Sunday
    $5.00 Day License (where applicable)

    $30.00 BCMA Membership (single), $50.00 (family)

    A. Event Staff H. Course Markers
    B. General Information I. Timing & Scoring
    C. Registration Procedures J. Protests & Appeals
    D. Tech Procedures K. Workers
    E. Pit Assignments L. Trophies
    F. Safety M. Out of Province Competitors
    G. Order of Running N. 2002 PAX Factors

    Event Staff:
    Event Chair: Sheridan Empey (email: [email protected])
    Event Co-Chair: Jason Crombie (phone 604-513-0025)
    Chief of Timing/Scoring: Rob Bruce (email: [email protected])
    Chief of Tech: Tyson Kaempffer (email: [email protected])
    Chief of Workers: Cynthia Cassidy @ 604-241-8123
    Chief of Registration: Cynthia Cassidy @ 604-241-8123
    Clerk of the Course Johnny Sandhu (email: [email protected])
    Course Design: Phil Eaves

    B. General Information:
    1. Entry is open to anyone holding a valid provincial or state driver’s license. Any and all competitors wishing eligibility under the CACC Regional Points system must satisfy Sec. 5.4 of the Rules. The following allowance shall be made for out-of-province entrants: License in another ASN/Canada FIA discipline shall be considered equivalent to the CACC Day License and the fee will be waived.

    2. Site restrictions may be imposed by the site owner such as ‘off-limits’ areas, may be published separately, or posted on site and must be obeyed.

    3. Trash containers and washroom facilities will be available. Do not obstruct these services.

    4. A mandatory driver’s meeting will be held on Sunday morning, September 8, 2002, at 9:00 am SHARP. Work order will be announced at that time. All entrants must attend.

    5. The noise limit for all vehicles shall be 102db as per CACC standards. STRICTLY ENFORCED.

    6. No passengers shall be allowed on any official timed runs during a CACC Championship Event.

    C. Registration Procedures:
    1. All competitors must bring the following to registration: Current valid driver’s license, current CACC Competition License, current CACC or ASN/Canada/FIA club membership card, 2001 CACC Solo Events Rulebook (where applicable).

    2. Minors: A minor release form (available from CACC) and a notice of permission from the registered owner must be presented at registration.

    3. All competitors must run numbers according to 5.4.E and 5.5.B and C of the Rules. Car numbers shall be issued on a first come first served basis. All CACC Licensed competitors shall run their regular numbers as assigned to the by the Region. Non-licensed competitors shall be assigned numbers starting from 500 and up. Numbers shall meet the size requirements as outlined in 5.4.E of the Rules. Out-of-Region competitors shall run their regular number if the number has not already been taken by a CACC competitor. A second choice is recommended. Numbers are to be confirmed at Tech.

    D. Tech Procedures:
    1. Tech inspection is mandatory for all competitors living in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area and will be held at Grandview Tire & Auto, 2886 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC on the following date:

    Wednesday, September 8, 2002 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

    2. Competitors living outside of the Lower Mainland (east of 232nd Street, north of Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver Island, or US-based) shall be permitted to tech on-site at the day of the event. Competitors who cannot deliver their vehicles to tech inspection may also arrange for tech on-site. On-site tech and Event Check-in will be available from 7:00am to 8:30am of event day.

    Please notify the Event Chair(s) or Chief of Registration at least 24 hours prior to Pre-Tech if you are unable to attend.

    3. Helmets shall be inspected for compliance. The minimum standard is Snell 90. Approved helmets shall receive a tech sticker (where applicable). A limited amount of loaner helmets may be available at the event. Please make your own arrangements if possible.

    4. Tires shall be inspected according to 5.12.D. You may tech as many tires as you feel necessary for competition. Additional tires may be teched on-site. The brand of tire must be stated on the entry form.

    E. Pit Assignments:
    1. Pit areas may be assigned to all competitors. A special area may be reserved for competitors to store trailers.

    2. Keep your pit area clean. Please do not litter. All fluids drained from the car must be put into proper containers and disposed of in an acceptable fashion.

    F. Safety:
    1. A speed limit of 10 km/h shall be enforced on site including the grid areas. Tire warming is strictly prohibited. Any other ‘abnormal/unusual’ driving techniques performed off course shall result in immediate disqualification. Speed limits within the surrounding community are posted and are enforced.

    2. During competition, children under 14 and pets are not allowed on course or in the grid and staging areas. Pets must be leashed at all times.

    3. Drivers are responsible for the actions of their crew and guests. All persons entering the event site for competition, crew or general viewing must have signed the waiver. Waiver forms will be available at Event Check-in.

    4. It is recommended that any refueling of cars in grid be accompanied by an assistant and a fire extinguisher must be present.

    5. Incidents involving injury and/or property damage occurring on the event site, or felt associated with the event will be reported as soon as possible to the Event Chair and the Event Steward.

    G. Order of Running:
    1. Run order shall be posted after registration closes on September 8, 2002.

    2. All drivers will be offered at least three (3) official timed runs on the course.

    3. Cars must be on the grid/staging area within 10 minutes of the class being announced. A ‘DNS’ shall be posted for failing to grid within the allotted time. Cars having mechanical difficulty shall have 10 minutes after the runs for their respective group are scheduled to start. A car experiencing problems shall be moved to a safe location on grid for verification and/or repair of the problem. A ‘mechanical DNF’ will be posted for any car unable to execute its run.

    4. All re-runs shall be made according to 5.8.F of the Rules. In case a competitor is red-flagged on course, the competitor may continue slowly through the remainder of the course, or may exit the course directly and will be granted a re-run. Failure to exit the remainder of the course at a safe and reasonable speed shall result in a DNF for that run.

    5. A minimum of five (5) minutes shall pass before a competitor is allowed to execute a re-run.

    6. Competitors needing to run outside of their assigned run group must do so in writing to the Event Chair(s) prior to the drivers meeting. Adequate justification (eg. Work conflict) is required. This applies to Championship Events only. Competitors running out of group may be subjected to protest if a weather change influences results in their favour. If such a protest if filed, an appropriate time penalty will be determined by the Steward of the Event.

    H. Course Markers:
    1. A two second penalty shall be recorded for each upright pylon displaced either out of its marker or knocked over. Directional pylons (already on their side) do not count if displaced.

    2. Chalk lines marking the path are for visual information only and no penalty is posted for driving outside of the lines (where applicable).

    3. Drivers observed by course workers and/or Timing & Scoring officials as driving substantially less than normal competition speeds for the purposed of spotting misplaced pylons in order to earn a re-run shall be referred to the Event Steward for action. Such activity is seen as unsportsman-like and an unnecessary delay of the event. It may result in a DNF for that run.

    I. Timing & Scoring:
    1. Scoring shall be performed in accordance with 5.8 (entire section) of the Solo Events Rules.

    2. Drivers running in Ladies and Novice classes shall run in accordance with the run order, as determined the morning of the event.


    4. Times shall be posted at a separate scoreboard area. Posted times shall be audited by the Chief of Timing & Scoring before event awards are given out.

    J. Protests & Appeals:
    1. All Inquiries, Protests and Appeals shall be performed according to Sections 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 of the 2001 CACC GCR and 5.11 of the Solo Events Rules.

    K. Workers:
    1. All competitors are required to work the event. If a condition exists that prevents a competitor from working, a qualified replacement must be found. The Chief of Workers must be notified prior to the substitution. Failure to notify the Chief of Workers shall result in additional work assignments or disqualification by the Event Chair.

    2. Any rescheduled work assignments must be approved by the Event Chair before the start of the event.

    3. Early work assignments that offset a normal work assignment must be pre-approved by the Event Chair. These assignments are extremely limited in order to prevent a shortage of support during the event. Serving as a volunteer prior to the event is greatly appreciated, and a key to the success of these events. However, this does not automatically offset a regular work assignment.

    4. Workers must report to the Chief of Workers for assignments. Failure to report shall result in disqualification.

    5. Workers must be on their feet at all times while cars are competing.

    6. Photographers on course must be located in approved areas and must be accompanied with a designated spotter. A minor or course worker may not act as a spotter.

    L. Trophies:
    1. Trophies and awards shall be awarded according to participation levels outlined in 5.9.E of the Solo Events Rules. Trophies will not be mailed. Please have a designated recipient of your trophy if you cannot stay for the presentation.

    M. Out of Province Competitors:
    1. Out of Province/Region competitors shall be classed according to preparation level of their vehicles as assessed by CACC officials. This will be done during Event Check-in (Late Tech) so please allow extra time to process you through.

    N. 2002 PAX Factors:
    Class PAX Class PAX Class PAX Class PAX
    SSport .830 *** .843 ASP .869 AM 1.000
    AS .815 BSS .839 BSP .864 BM .955
    BS .812 CSS .836 CSP .861 CM .900
    CS .804 DSS .811 DSP .835 DM .908
    DS .799 ESS .814 ESP .838
    ES .786 FSS .809 FSP .833
    FS .807
    GS .789
    HS .781
    SSportL .809 ASSL .822 ASPL .847 AML .975
    ASL .795 BSSL .818 BSPL .842 BML .931
    BSL .792 CSSL .815 CSPL .839 CML .878
    CSL .784 DSSL .791 DSPL .814 DML .885
    DSL .779 ESSL .793 ESPL .817
    ESL .766 FSSL .789 FSPL .813
    FSL .787
    GSL .769
    HSL .761