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Good luck in Topeka!

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  • Good luck in Topeka!

    To all NWR drivers who are heading out to Natl's this week. Go git 'im! Bring back some hardware!

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    Give 'em a dose that'll make 'em wish they stayed home!!!

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    2006 Lotus Elise - daily driver
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    1992 Acura Integra LS - for those other days (or when I need a trunk)

    2014 Knox Mountain Hill Climb - King of the Hill
    2012 Knox Mountain Hill Climb - New record FF1600, 2nd Overall
    2011 Knox Mountain Hill Climb - Record holder FF1600, 3rd Overall.
    2011 SCCA National Championship - 3 cars, 2 classes, I have no idea...
    2010 SCCA National Tour - 1st CM
    2009 SCCA National Championship - 2nd CM
    2009 SCCA National Tour - 1st CM
    2005 Canadian National Champion - CSP


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      Thank You Guys!

      I'll try my best to get into one of those 15 trophy positions in SS (ZEEEEO6 Class) or more realistically, I hope I don't come DFL.

      There will be a lot of talented drivers in SS (55 drivers) and I'll be lucky enough just not to make a fool of myself at my first Nationals.

      I'm there just to soak up information and to watch the different driving styles/techniques. With about 50 Corvette Z06's running, the video footage will be a good comparison to see where I can improve my driving.




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        Good Luck Everyone!!



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          Thank you.

          The ones who are travelling by cars will be leaving Wednesday noon. Then, there is John Haftner who is leaving on Friday morning, possibly by himself. If someone wants to make a last minute decision to go on a week long driving trip, John is looking for someone to help him drive out there. Call me if you are interested. The rest of us (Johnny, Farz, Gerald and myself) will be flying out on Saturday morning. Kind of crazy when you consider that there might be a chance that those crazy radicals might pull another Sept. 11th stunt to celebrate the anniversary and we might get stuck in Kansas without a flight out for days. Let's hope it never happens.

          "...I recommend books. People who don't know what they're talking about are less likely to write a book about the subject...."


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            Hope everyone has a safe journey and an enriching experience. We'll be watching the website for the latest results:


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            Brian: Peter, those are Cheerios.


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              I hope you all have fun down there and there no pressure, BUT BRING SOME TROPHIES BACK . Don't forget the Golden Potties since Johnny and Lawrance will be there

              Good Luck


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                I'm bringing my laptop to update u guys with newz and GP.... hopefully I'll drive the vette hard enough to warm the tires for Ken


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                  Late breaking travel info. Cross posted from in case not everyone is on it.
                  Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 15:16:54 -0500
                  From: "Rocky Entriken" <[email protected]>
                  Subject: route from North Platte to Topeka ??

                  For those coming this way...

                  I-70 construction -- mostly done except for one 9-mile stretch just west of
                  Topeka. It's posted 60 mph and usually moves along about that speed. Also
                  the first sign you see says 8 miles, but it's 9, and the last sign you see
                  says 2 miles left and the end is just over the next hill. For some
                  incomprehensible reason, the last three times (Mid-July, early August, last
                  weekend) we went there on Friday night, there was this huge traffic jam
                  westbound right where the construction zone began, but it was no problem
                  eastbound. It was also no problem Sunday westbound when we went home. The
                  moral, I guess, is if you are leaving Friday afternoon that might not be the
                  best choice but any other time it is fine (go to the banquet!).

                  US-81 construction (York, Neb., to Salina, Ks.) -- Still going on in
                  northern Kansas north of Belleville, but the traffic there is light enough
                  it's not a big deal. I've been up and down it a couple times recently with
                  no problem. IMHO still better than US-75 from Lincoln because there's more
                  70 mph 4-lane and fewer towns to drive through.

                  The new quick way to the event site -- US-75 south of Topeka, NOT Topeka
                  Blvd. Not sure how you get there coming from the north on US-75 (gee, think
                  following the US-75 signs would do it? But I have not driven that so
                  what I don't know is if that is interstate or streets). From the west on
                  I-70 you take the I-470 cutoff and exit that at Exit 5 (Exit 6 is the Last
                  Free Exit and puts you on Topeka Blvd.). Exit 5 puts you on the
                  just-completed US-75 section, which is limited access divided 4-lane. Take
                  the second exit (77th Street) then left at the stop sign. The traffic light
                  is Topeka Blvd. Straight puts you onto Gary Ormsby Drive (the access to the
                  race track), and the first left AFTER crossing Topeka Blvd. is J Street
                  into Forbes Field, which goes right to the event site/registration.

                  Ignore the first exit on the new US-75 which has signs directing you to
                  Forbes -- they were there before the 77th Street exit was built. The first
                  exit takes you right into Pauline, and then you still have to go south on
                  Topeka Blvd. to get to Forbes.

                  Coming from the south or east on the Kansas Turnpike, I suppose when you get
                  off at the South Topeka exit you could take I-470 up to Exit 5 and then go
                  south, or else just trundle through South Topeka Blvd. traffic. Your choice.

                  - --Rocky Entriken
                  PS- dunno if anyone is coming the long way thru Cheyenne WY to Denver CO then east on I-70, but also construction on I-25 southbound between Loveland and Longmont (30min north of Denver).
                  Lane closures and detours in effect on Sat & Sun evenings 9pm-10am.
                  CDOT road conditions (303) 639-1111. For inquiries from other locations within the state only, call 1-877-315-7623