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Concerns about Champ #6......

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  • Concerns about Champ #6......

    While at the event this weekend there were a pair of yound kids riding around on their bikes in the pits and grid. I personally saw 2 occasions where they popped out from behind parked cars and almost got nailed by someone driving to or from grid.

    I know that some people bring their kids out to their events and all but it's situations like this that make me think we should extend the pets on leashes rule to kids aswell.
    I mean, does someone have to get hurt before something is done?

    Besides that, i'm sure some of the comptiters would not like handle bars scraped up the sides of their cars...

    just wanted to share!

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    Yeah that was kind of scary. Mitch and I put saw this girl riding a bike almost got ran over by a car backing into their pit are. I think kids should be under an adult supervisioin and DON'T RIDE A BIKE IN PITS AREA.


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      Those kids have been riding around at the last few regional events. They're sweet and all but i've voiced my concern regarding their safety to some people before. today they were winding between cars in the pits and i almost didn't see one of them as i pulled back into my spot. i don't think it's safe for them to be riding around that area. as fun as it is for them i'd hate to see an accident.
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        The little girl was tailgating me when I was bringing my car from the parking spot to the grid area. It was Not a safe thing to do even though I was just traveling at idle speed.