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Closed Club #7 coming up

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  • Closed Club #7 coming up

    Hi Everyone,

    Our is 7th closed club of the season is coming up fast: Sept. 29, and the event managers will be looking for volunteers to help run the event.

    My event chiefs are as follows:

    Chief of Course : Yarko and Mark Petriw
    Chief of Registration : Mason Yu
    Chief of Tech : Omid Manouchehri
    Chief of Workers : Ernest Farnthorpe
    Asst. C.of W. : Gerald Chen
    Chief of Timing/Scoring : Andre Yeu
    Chief of Clean-Up : Guido Van Duyn

    Tom Brydon

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    Hi, I'm new to this
    If I want to participate in the auto cross on the 29th, do I sign up anywhere or just show up?


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      Yes, just show up around 7:30 to 8:00, there'll be someone at the gate signing people in. Tell him its your first time and he'll tell you what to do next. You'll be getting your car tech inspected then you'll want to walk the course a few times before we have the drivers meeting (at 9:00 or so). There's loaner helmets available if you don't have one.

      We're all one big autocrossing family and we all want to see newcomers have a good time.

      If you have anymore questions just post them here.



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        so what time does it officially start?
        how many runs do I get and when will the event end?


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          We usually try to get the first car out at 9AM. Your amount of runs depend on how many cars, how large the course is, etc.. It usually averages about 6 for the entire day, which ends at 3-4PM.


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            I'm off to tune now.
            Hopefully I'll be out on Sunday to show everyone how this autoX thing is done.


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              <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by hypa:
              I'm off to tune now.
              Hopefully I'll be out on Sunday to show everyone how this autoX thing is done.

              YEAH Hypa is out finally.


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                I paid a tithing, said a prayer, made a wish, bribed the weather man and changed my tires. Some may not agree but I hope the forecast is right ...

                Sunday's Forecast


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                  oh! i'll be coming out with the VCMC 20th Anniversary mug O-Rings!

                  So if anyone needs any look for the girl with a new 'fro.