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    I am pleased to announce that we are opening up the practice sessions for the Sept. 16, Solo 1 at Mission Raceway Park to those who would like to participate, but don't have the required safety equipment. 3 sessions for only $99. A separate registration form can be downloaded for the "practice only" at

    The schedule allows for 3 hours of practice time so depending on the number of entrants you will probably get up to 1 hour, if not more, of track time! Thats a whole lifetime of autocrossing for alot less money!

    All the info can be viewed at the above address. Any other Questions feel free to contact Johnny Sandu at: [email protected] ,or Frank Micucci at
    Driver's Edge Autosport

    So what else are you gonna do on Monday morning? Go to work? Naw I don't think so. What better way to spend the day than at the Racetrack!!

    Hope to see Y'all at the track!

    Chris Beere

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    if you registered for the whole day is it possible to change to practice session only?


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      You can enter for the practice session only if you like jut fill out the practice form on the above link and fax it in before Sunday 9pm.

      Let me know if you are coming though so we can plan for the numbers.

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        but i registered for the whole event.

        can i go back and change it to practice session only?


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          I am not sure I understand, you dont want to run the Solo I portion of the event now? Is there a reason why, you can email directly at [email protected] if you like to discuss it.