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Just to let everyone know - Pretech for CACC Regional #7

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  • Just to let everyone know - Pretech for CACC Regional #7

    Post from UBCSCC:

    Just for those of you who looked at the mailed out supp regs and saw a screwy date, the Pre-tech for Regional #7 will be at:

    - Thursday Sept 19th, 2002
    - 6-8pm
    - UBC B-5 Lot (Look for our Tent/cars)
    These are the lots across from Thunderbird residence where we used to have all the events in the past. Coming in from SW Marine, take 16th north, then turn left at the first light, and the lot is the first big one on the Left. Go past the lot, turn left at the lights for the entrance.
    - See exemptions from pre-tech in mailed Supp regs.

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    Here are the full Regional #7 Sup Regs

    University of British Columbia Sports Car Club

    Event #7 in the 2002 CACC Solo Championship Series

    Sunday, September 22, 2002
    Boundary Bay Airport NE Corner, Ladner, BC

    Supplemental Regulations
    Held under the 2002 CACC GCR and Solo Events Rules

    Sponsored by: Yokohama Canada & Kumho Motorsports

    Mandatory Pre-tech @ UBC Parking Lot B-5 (Across the street Thunderbird Residence 6335 Westbrook Mall)

    Date: Thurs Sept. 19, 2002 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

    Please bring your helmet and tires.
    All Lower Mainland Competitors must attend. Out-of-town entrants are exempt. Vehicles carried on trailers may tech at the event site on Sunday but owners/drivers must register at Pre-tech. If you cannot attend Pre-tech contact the Event Chair or Chief of Registration.

    Event Schedule
    Late Tech/Registration: 7:00am - 8:30am
    Course Open for Walkthrough 7:15am to 9:00am

    Driver’s meeting: 9:00am (all competitors must attend)
    First run group to grid: 9:15am (run/work groups posted after registration)
    First car out: 9:30am
    Trophy presentation: 5:30pm (subject to change without notice)

    Event Organizers:
    Event Chair Jared Powell-Williams ([email protected])
    Chief of Workers Paul Van Tassel
    Chief of Registration Nick Soi
    Chief of Timing and Scoring Peter Bowater
    Chief of Tech Morgan MacKay
    Clerk of the Course TBD
    Course Design: Jared Powell-Williams, Paul Van Tassel, Peter Bowater

    Entry Fees
    $25 at Pre-tech and for out-of-town competitors
    $30 at the event site

    $5 Day License (where applicable)

    Membership Fee
    $15 for a new membership to join the UBCSCC (if you are not presently a member of a club)

    Run/Work Order
    The run order will be posted after registration closes on Sept. 22, 2002. This is to allow the computer system to apportion classes based on equal run group times.

    1. This event will be held under the 2002 CACC GCR and Solo 2 rules.

    2. All Competitors must possess a current valid driver's license, and be at least 16 years old. Any drivers under the age of 19 must have written permission from a parent or guardian to be allowed to participate in the event.

    3. The off-course speed limit is 15 km/h. All posted speed limits on access roads must be obeyed. Any other ‘abnormal/unusual’ driving techniques performed off course shall result in immediate disqualification.

    4. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or drugs will be permitted on the event site. Competitors are not allowed to compete under the influence of such substances. VIOLATORS WILL BE ESCORTED OFF THE PREMESIS.

    5. The pre-grid and course areas are completely off limits to small children and animals. Pets must be adequately leashed.

    6. Official vehicles are for authorized event personnel only. Do not approach the timing vehicle unless you are authorized. Site restrictions may be imposed by the site owner such as ‘off-limits’ areas, may be published separately, or posted on site and must be obeyed.

    7. Helmets are required for all competitors. A minimum Snell 90 rating is required. Helmets will be inspected for compliance at Pre-Tech or Tech. Loaner helmets will be available for those without their own helmet.

    8. All people competing at the event must complete work assignments to be eligible for series points and championship trophies. NO WORK = NO POINTS. Competitors caught skipping workers assignments will not be allowed to attend UBCSCC events for an indefinite period of time.

    9. Competitors needing to run outside of their assigned run group must ask the Chief Event Organizer prior to the driver’s meeting. A sufficient reason must be given to justify running out of group. Competitors running out of group may be subject to protest if a weather change influences results in their favour. If such a protest is filed, a time penalty will be determined by the Chief Steward of the Event. Anyone running out of group will work with their run group.

    10. All cars will compete in the classes listed in the 2002 CACC Solo Rulebook.

    11. PAX Times will be calculated as follows:

    Time = (raw time x PAX index) + pylon penalties

    There will be separate Ladies and PAX classes. All competitors competing in a PAX class will be put in their own PAX run group. Novice and Ladies class drivers will compete with their normal run groups.

    12. Trophies will be given as stated in the CACC Solo Rulebook and will be awarded after competition is completed on September 22. To accrue championship points, a CACC licence is required.

    13. The fastest of official timed runs including penalties will be used to determine event standings. A cone will count for 2 seconds and any missed gates will be deemed a DNF.

    14. It is your duty as a competitor to keep the pits and grid area clean and safe. All spilled fluids must be cleaned and fluids removed from a vehicle must be taken with you when you leave

    15. No passengers are allowed for Official Timed runs.

    16. No vehicle may surpass the 102db noise limit. If a competitor exceeds the noise limit, their official times will be forfeit.

    17. Incidents involving injury and/or property damage occurring on the event site, or felt associated with the event will be reported as soon as possible to the Event Chair and the Event Steward.


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      bump.. this is pretty important...
      hope everyone sees it!


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        dammit! have a company dinner that night...sigh..
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