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CACC Solo Rules Submission Deadline

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  • CACC Solo Rules Submission Deadline

    It's that time of year. Time to get out your pens and thinking caps and draft your rule change proposals. (The official announcement is in the mail, but until then:

    DATE: September 15, 2002
    TO: CACC Solo Competitors
    SUBJECT: 2002 CACC Solo Rules Submission Deadline

    The deadline for submitting CACC Solo or CACC GCR rule changes for the competition year of 2002 is October 1, 2002.

    The format for a rule change submission is:

    Competitor’s Name: _____________________________
    Competitor’s Phone Number: _____________________________
    CACC Licence Number: _____________________________
    Date: _____________________________

    Current Rule Number eg: V.13.2.b page ###, Solo II Rules

    Rule to be changed: “author types in (cut and paste) the rule as it currently reads”

    Change to read: “author provides wording as she/he proposes” –writers are encouraged to keep the language as simple as possible.

    Author’s Intent “author states reasoning for the proposed change”

    Once received, the rule change proposals will be forwarded to the Solo Rules Committee where they will be processed. The applicant will be contacted should the Rules Committee require further clarification. Once all the rule change proposals have passed committee, they will be published and then voted on for ratification at the November CACC AGM. Due to time constraints, it may not be possible to publish the proposed rule changes in APEX or other media, in which case, the proposals will be posted via email and distributed to all club executives.

    Rule change proposals should be emailed/mailed to:

    Mail: CACC Rules Committee
    209-2266 West First Avenue
    Vancouver, B.C.
    V6K 1G1

    Email [email protected]

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    Hi Oliver,

    I appreciate the warning, however, we require more time for the rule changes, two weeks is not nearly enough warning. As an example, the clubs are penalized if they don't give 30 days notice for events, however CACC wants to put a 15 day notice on rule changes.

    Can we get at least 30 days if not 60 days?

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      Hi Farz,

      The rule change deadline has always been the end of September, at least for the last 10 years I have been competing (and before then as well actually). And since you brought it up, I also believe VCMC was never penalized for the two regionals they sent the supps out late

      I geuss for the first year guys it is a bit short of a notice but if 15 days isnt enough for them they should submit the "draft" change or thier intent of submitting a rule change if it is complex and they need more time. Based of that they rules committee can start discussions with the competitor to help/define the submission.


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        Hi Farz

        The deadline for rules change proposals is tradionally the end of September. That leaves the Solo Rules Committee enough time to process, discuss, compile and format the proposals before the AGM. This has always been the case and this year is no different.

        You are correct that CACC requires 30 days notice for permit applications and supp reg distribution, but as you know, that rarely happens and penalties are not normally assessed. The reason penalties are not normally assessed is that CACC understands that this is a volunteer sport and everybody's time is stretched to the limit. Mine included.

        Oliver B.


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          Anyone out there with enough free time to submit a change in stopbox requirements?
          Example, unmanned L shape box...


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            What about Car reclassifactions?


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              <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Shmee:
              What about Car reclassifactions?<hr></blockquote>

              I move that the F/SP Ford Focus (ALL) be moved to C/SP.

              Sorry, I love teasing you Mitch!

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                <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Shmee:
                What about Car reclassifactions?<hr></blockquote>

                Is there an issue or a problem with following SCCA's lead in classifications?

                I guess CACC gives itself a year to make sure it worked well in SCCA, and than we implement it as well?



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                  As far as car classifications we do usaually wait one year on SCCA's major changes to see how they work. The last SCCA stock class change was pretty large but the intent for CACC was to wait one year and then if every thing looked good we would implement for 2003. I am pretty sure the rules committee will move foward with that plus we will have to look at what small tweaks SCCA might do to that.


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                    <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Sead:
                    Anyone out there with enough free time to submit a change in stopbox requirements?
                    Example, unmanned L shape box...

                    I think Omid was talking about submitting this change.

                    I would like to see a rule change submission for it and maybe depending on what the rest of the rules committee wants we can make sure it is written with safety in mind.


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                      Yes I am working on that as well as couple of more. If anybody is interested you can email me and then we can work together.

                      [email protected]


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                        Here's a link to a word.doc of the rule submission form, it might make it easier to work on your rule submissions. The deadline is October 1st.