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Feedback for Club Practice #7 - Sep 29th

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  • Feedback for Club Practice #7 - Sep 29th

    Please provide any positive or not-so-positive feedback for the above noted event in this topic.
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    I'll start It was a longish day due to the lack of cross-over in the course. The course was fun to drive though.

    With over 100 competitors of which at least 25% were new, it was a great day and a well run event. Good job guys.

    Red 997 GT3 / 993 Turbo gone but not forgotten.
    HD YouTube track videos


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      The track layout was awesome. Two thumbs up to the Yarko brothers!.. However having the lack of cross-over and a huge turn out the day made it very tiresome waiting around working and gridding. Overall I enjoyed it alot in my Rx7, there were fast areas and alot of tricky tight turns. I'm looking forward to the next Open Club day this coming sunday


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        Despite the cold, I nejoyed myself today. Good fun, friendly people as always and some laughs in the process.

        I'm really glad to see new ideas being used in course design. The club practice venue is a good place to see what works and what doesn't. What didn't work so well was the small overlap and occasional ambiguity in visual cues. However, this forced you to concentrate in planning your way around the course. It also told you not to get hung up on the 'usual' styles of course design we had in the past. More variety helps a driver adapt to different environments. The ample amount of space between pylons fooled a lot of people into being greedy w/ the speed....quite a few spins today. Overall, the course was a good first effort by Mark and Yarko.

        Thanks go to Steve Kibble for introducing 25 new people to the club and the world of autocrossing.

        Thanks to Mark Petriw for offering me the co-drive in his CRX.


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          I had an awesome time (maybe I posted incorrectly in the General forum).

          Thanks for all the tips and help and see you next weekend

          Bjorn (i.e. the guy with the roofrack )


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            The weather was pretty warm .
            The course was awesome thanks for Mark and Yarko. It was good to see lots of new members out today and see them improve during the day.

            Can't wait till next week.


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              Today's course was fun and creative. Thanks to the Petriw's. If somehow the overlap between cars can be done longer, it'd be even better.

              Thumb up to those who made it possible to get over 100 drivers thru' 5 runs each on a 50-sec course with not much overlap.


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                Fun course despite the fact that I got beaten by the other Boxster (I hope he comes back next year so I get a chance to redeam myself) and the spectacularly spin on my last run. Leslie got a more exciting ride than he expected.

                Thanks to Tom for organizing the event.

                I took the oportunity to go for several rides:

                Leslie's car is handling really well now very neutral. Watch out after he gets a bit more seat time.

                The ride with Rico Lee in his 1990 BMW M3 was a hoot what a great car and good driving with a best time of 52 secs.

                Thanks also Audi first timers Jarod A4 1.8T and Andrew Audi TT 225hp version both very nice cars and with a little driving practice both could be contenders.

                (Geeez I still can't believe I lost.)
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                  It is cold today, and it it much worse when you sit at the front gate.

                  I had fun today, my first time with VCMC events.
                  I saw my time improve with every run, which is great.

                  Great course, tricky too.

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                    I loved the course: really fun, lots of boost! Good work Petriws.

                    You guys should all know that Mark and Yarko are also putting together next week's course. So it should be just as fun!

                    Thanks to all the FTs who joined us. Even though half of you guys beat me! It was great to have all you guys attending. Thanks especially to Carol who came all the way from Victoria.

                    I'm looking forward to some of those Audi pics.
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                      I loved the course, but it was pretty long, and the day was stretched out a whole lot more... I had a dinner engagement at 5pm, so had to leave after my first set of runs.

                      For some reason I got put in as a firsttimer (This is my 10th event, but the first time with the car I was driving). I needed another set of runs to get used to the car and put down a more impressive time.

                      Ah well, fun day, great turnout, beautiful cars, as always


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                        Nice to see a change from tight anti-boost courses. Only complaint is the overlap, which I'm sure the Petriw's know very well by now =). Fun course, I hope all you first timers will be back for more racing.


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                          the course was very confusing, I guess it's suppose to be for the first timers
                          I was hoping I'd do a bit better after working on the course, I found that to be helpful, but then on my 5th run I panick. At the 6th run, I decided to get at least a time.

                          I learn a lot that day, what over/understeering, and how to coutner it. The ride in-s were my favorite
                          thanks faarzan for the ride in the talon, Ken Seto for the corvette plus Quattro turbo run, and the Rod's Shelby cobra, and Bernie and Arnold for teaching me about classes of car. I had a blast.

                          from speculation on that particular course, I noticed that the miatas were having a bit of trouble with some of the corners more than the other cars, at heat 2 the second time around they didn't have that same problem

                          I was wondering where BCTV was,maybe they came when I was working, I wanted to speak again too, like last time they put me on TV

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                            <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by BatmanJohnson:
                            At the 6th run, I decided to get at least a time.

                            I am just curious how you got 6 runs????


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                              It was a great event. I have one comment here. If you want to ride with another driver in the same heat, you should make sure you are at least 6~7 cars apart so that it won't be a car parked the middle of the grid and blocking other cars.