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OASC Ice Race Dates

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  • OASC Ice Race Dates

    Hi Guys,

    Here is a list of the Ice Race Dates from our friends in the interior, OASC. One of the many diverse motorsports events that OASC hosts outside of the solo events that we are familar with.

    January 11th Drivers Training/Practice
    January 12th Race # 1 - #6
    January 26th Race #7 - #12
    February 9th Race #13 - #18
    February 16th Race #19 - #24
    March 2nd Race #25 - #30

    I cant remember which lake these are held on, I will let you know.

    OASC is also trying to schedule 10 solo events in 2003 not including Knox, I will post them when I get them. Maybe we can try to get a "caravan" to go up to one or two. (I might even make one of the ice races).

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    Any special requirements for ice racing?
    What kind of tires do they use?
    How does the classing work?


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      Duck Lake.

      Duck Lake is between Winfield and Oyama, just 15-20 minutes north of Kelowna on Hwy 97.

      Information can be found here:

      Anyone need a place to stay?

      Good luck!
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