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Future of local autox events???

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    Originally posted by swift db1:
    <snip> With a fully electronic system with automatic time entry, it might be possible but I think course safety might start to come in play.

    Interesting..... I guess solutions to speed up events would have to be found in other ways.

    With the CSCC, the evening events (except Race City's 1/4 mi. oval where we have lights....night solo anyone?) may require some other solution....perhaps even renting the track on two separate evenings and splitting the classes between the evenings.

    Of course, there is always the "find another site" solution. :^) Red Deer is great for us.....long days with no deadlines and a large lot where loops or other compromises to course design are not necessary at all. Too bad it is 90 miles north and that detracts some people from travelling there on a regular basis. :^(

    However, we are thankful to have that lot and for the Cdn. Nationals it should be great with plenty of time at the end of the days for extra runs for whomever pleases.



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      I certainly look forward to a day where I can come regularly for Saturday AutoX events, or only have to come in for the Sunday afternoon... (which could be a bit tight given that tech has to be done early)