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  • Knox Mtn Hillclimb Support Reg Info

    The director of the Knox Mtn Hillclimb was generous enough to allow me to attend the planning meeting for this year's Hillclimb. Out of curiousity I thought I'd attend. Wow, let me say they sure have to do a lot of work to pull this event off.

    Anyhow, unfortunately I do not believe the person reviewing this year's support reg's was there, however, what he did tell me was that he did talk to him and he let me know that there probably would not be any significant changes to last years reg's.

    However, they were going to make a few revisions, and that 1-piece driving suits would be underlined, bolded, etc etc. So make sure you have a 1-piece this year!

    I'm going to keep hounding them for the rest of the docs when they are available.