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Feedback for Club Practice #2 - March 30th

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  • Feedback for Club Practice #2 - March 30th

    Hi all,

    Please take a moment to provide feedback, both positive and constructive in regards to today's second Club Practice event of 2003.

    Thank you all for coming out and racing with us in the dry, then wet weather, we truly appreciate it!

    The results have been posted on the Races & Results page.
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    I thought it went very well. I think the course design was very good especially considering it was designed fairly quickly. Everything went pretty smoothly (minus the course change). We ended nice and early which was great because the weather was kinda lamish. All in all good day, well done and good job to the two new guys who managed it.


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      The final cone of the course change caused a bit of problems, as workers do not have time to run out, fix the cone, and come back altogether before the next car comes.


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        Originally posted by Shearer:
        The final cone of the course change caused a bit of problems, as workers do not have time to run out, fix the cone, and come back altogether before the next car comes.
        Yeah the next car came out really fast and gave the guys at station4 & 5 a hard time running back and forth.

        But overall it was a greaaaaaaat event and I had a lot of fun. Big thank u to VCMC on organizing such a great event. I can't wait til the next one.
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          This was my first event (other than velocity yesterday) and it was great. I had such a good time, even with the lousy weather. It was a much higher speed course than yesterdays which provided new challenges. The last minute course change wasnt the best but i lived with it (after DNFing my first run )

          One thing i noticed is that the track got more grippy as the rain fell. I think it was that chalky line that was painted on the course. I'm not sure why that was there but i hope it doesnt have to be there again next time. It was still a great day, and i'll be back for the nesxt event


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            Lucky for me, I was in the middle of my 1st course walk when they changed the course. I did not get the opportunity to engrain the original course.

            This was my 1st event in 6-7 years, and its just the way I remembered it. I had a blast, and enjoyed some success. My car is however incorrectly classed in the results. I should be in CSP.

            The equipment and organization has evolved to a much higher level than what I had become accustomed to.

            Thanks for bringing me back to something I truly enjoyed for many years.

            Great job guys and gals.

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              This was my 2nd event in not so great weather... and if its this good with adverse conditions I cant wait for a dry day...



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                I had a great time too, and thanks to all those who work both behind and not-so-behind the scenes to make events like this possible.

                The track really was pretty difficult to drive in the morning until the afternoon rains washed away the slime. I was working the course for Mason's first run and when I saw him sliding all-over-the-place I knew that something must have been wrong with the track

                Same comment as others about the station 4 situation. I know that the course wasn't originally designed that way, and it would have been hard to predict that it would happen, but it seemed like station 4 was the most difficult to work today. BTW, I agree with the choice to change the course.

                The only other tough part was that I had no idea who else was in my class when I was running my heat. As it turns out, it was very close as were many other classes with less than half a second separating first and second.

                Looking forward to the next event.
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                  Great Event! Or should I put another in front? =>

                  I wanted to point out something, I notice there was a few stop box problem. Seems like people (Rachel !!!) can't stop or still giving gas after cross the finish line and end up hitting the stop box cone. Maybe we could move the stop box just alittle back since some claim that its rainning and all. Or maybe there are rules about this, I duno.

                  But, looking forward for the next event !!!


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                    There was heaps of room before the end of the stop box. The reason it is there is to slow people down before getting close to other car, people and the fence. If you are hitting the cone either your brakes are not good enough, you are starting to stop too late or you don't know how to modulate your brakes properly. I was able to stop at the halfway point from the timing boxes to the stop box, no one else should have had any problems.


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                      Originally posted by tora:
                      I was able to stop at the halfway point from the timing boxes to the stop box
                      Even with my treadless front tires on the wet and pretty good speed thru' the timing light, I had enough room to stop, but definitely not at halfway point. Maybe your car weren't picking up enough speed to go thru' the timing light. That said, I think the stop box setup on sunday was fine. In the long run, I hope that we can delete the mandation of stop box before someone got injured.

                      Now the constructive comments... I think the event went smooth like any other club practices we had. Two comments...

                      So, how did that Subie managed to go out on course too early? I was working station 3 and was like huh? It was definitely on collision course with the previous car. By the time I noticed and flagged him (I think I reacted fast), he was already looking ahead to station 4. Thank god worker at station 4 reacted as fast. I think afterwards that on top of red-flagging if I yelled out "STOP", it might work out quite efficiently. I've seen it working great before. Something to consider.

                      Another comment is about the slippery condition in the DRY morning session, I saw people starting to spin out at situation a bit unexpected. I also saw the Airport people working in the morning (forgot if it was sat or sun) to pull out studs on the pavement left by the previous event. Maybe we should talk to Andy Field to enforce clean-up work as part of the rental contract?

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                        It was hard for me to make the stop box. I even killed kenny once.

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                          Originally posted by rich hoffman:
                          It was hard for me to make to stop box.
                          Oh yeah! With the speed of your car, I can imagine...


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                            I just had a lot of fun with "Acura Zone" and Vtec!

                            [ March 31, 2003, 09:10 PM: Message edited by: Cary Lam ]

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                              Originally posted by Cary Lam:
                              I just had a lot of fun with "Acura Zone" and Vtech!
                              You mean Vtech cordless phone?

                              Congratulations on your outstanding FTD time and superb driving! I could hear the Vtec engine full song crystal-clear even at the far-most workstation.