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Kelowna Corvette Club slalom #1

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  • Kelowna Corvette Club slalom #1

    Kelowna Corvette Club hosted the first autocross of the season.

    The event was held at Comet Truck Centre in Kelowna, Enterprise Way and Hardy. The lot is basically "E" shaped, with quite a bit of sand, dirt, pebbles, oil, etc., as with most industrial repair lots.

    The course was fairly fluid, with speeds kept to a reasonable level (under 70kmh for me). Top times were in the neighbourhood of 43 seconds, with most street tire cars running around 50 seconds. Allan Reid brought the MGB GT V8 out, and (name escapes me) brought the 924 Porsche with a recently swapped 302 V8 set way back in the chassis. The white V8 Fiero was out in full force, but couldn't seem to break into the 40's - fueling problems I think.

    A funny thing happened, in that as the day progressed, the times got slower. I'm suspecting that perhaps the density of the air is more greatly affected by the increase in ambient temperature than the surface friction. My best time was 45.8 (I had run a 45.1 +1!), but as the temperature went up, so did my times. ??? Many others' times went up too. Odd.

    In a related note, KCC is no longer having these events "affiliated" with OASC. Participation requires an associate membership with the Kelowna Corvette Club ($15). More politics?

    The Sentra ran really well. The changes I made over the winter were phenominal. New KYB AGX struts are SIGNIFICANTLY better than the Tokico "blues," along with a rear strut tower bar and longer, softer bumpstops and the car is really really fun. This is where I should have been at the start of last year. Oh well. Very nice performance, but I took second place in MOD class (by 0.75s).

    Map is done by memory - it is not totally accurate, but gives the basic idea.

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