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Solo Trials Event #1

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  • Solo Trials Event #1

    I don't see this listed on the CACC's calendar, so is this not a CACC sanctioned event?

    If not, what are the safety requirement rules?

    If it is, I have 2 questions after reading the CACC Solo I rules:
    4.3Ai)b) - valid Solo I license
    iii) - A competitor that meets the requirements for a basic Solo II license may apply for a novice Solo I license. A novice license-holder may apply for an upgrade to a senior license after completing three CACC sanctioned solo I events. A solo II license-holder with documented experience in other high speeds events such as driver training or track days, may apply to CACC for a waiver of this requirement.

    -- I ran SCCA Solo I NorPac Divisional races in 1999 and 2000, getting an SCCA Solo I Senior license at the end of the 1999 season. I haven't renewed that license, but I'm wondering if this experience (and I've also had several schools/private lessons with Proformance Race School in Seattle, and competed in the 130 mph class at the Silver State Classic)... is enough to satisfy the licensing requirements to obtain an CACC Solo I license?

    Safety Equipment:
    4.4A - Driver Restraints
    i) All cars competing in a Solo I event must be equipped with a GCR approved driver restraint system as outlined in GCR Appendix IV

    Appendix IV 1.A -5 or 6 pt

    SCCA Solo Trials regulations do not require 5/6 pt harness for SP or slower cars (at least not for closed ones), so I'm wondering if this will also be true for this event?

    #69 ESP