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    Hi.....not sure if this is the right forum....anyway. I'm new to solo2 and was wondering what to do to get started. I showed up to this sundays event and am really looking forward to get my turn on course. I have a 2002 SVT Focus with some minor mods....Catback, rear engine mount, strut tower bars front and back, short shifter. I also have my own helmet(SA2000). At the event i talk to lawrence(i think) and he talked about a meeting on granville street 2 days before the next event????.......i dunno any help will be greatly appreciated.
    PS does anyone know what class i'm in...thanks

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    Club meetings are first Tuesday of every month so it'll be on May 6th, next next Tuesday. It'll be posted on the front page.


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      Hi Jakub,

      If you want to join us this coming Sunday, click here for more information on the event.

      We also have an event this Sat which will run under general Solo 2 competition rules. Farzaan will post up more info about this event later tonight.


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        The rear motor mount would put you into DSP.
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          jeeez street prepared.........god i'm doomed. i don't no much about solo 2 but that seems pretty harsh to have to run with the big boys for a newbie like me.