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Feedback for Club Practice #3 - April 27th

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  • Feedback for Club Practice #3 - April 27th

    Hi all,

    Please take a moment to provide feedback, both positive and constructive in regards to today's third Club Practice event of 2003.

    Thank you all for coming out and racing with us in the dry, gorgeous weather, we truly appreciate it!

    The results will be posted soon.
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    Once again a great event. Started on time, finnished nice and early so everyone could get home, or to the bar or to the watch the game!! Nice course. Easy lay out so one course walk was enough but heaps of room for improvement all over. Very fun course, and a nice smooth event. Workers seemed to work pretty well and everything ran really well. Lots of cars out which was terrific and the Kumho reps!! From the sounds of it they had a great time. I was anouncing for one of the heats and it was great to see how many people are running Kumhos. I was only running my street Kumhos today but was VERY please with their performance. Farz, Pat's car rocked..or I should say you rocked it!! Lots of nice cars out today. Great times and lots of improvement from everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as myself. The weather sure makes a nice difference too.
    Enjoy the game tonight everyone and drive safely!



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      They're taking too long to post the results (ha, ha)!


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        Today was really fun. I like how the course was made. It was nice and high speed very open with lots of room to pick your line.


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          Finally, a dry day! Good track, great competition in GS, and very smoothly run. I was really amazed that there were nearly 100 drivers and we didn't start running until about 10AM but were done by 4:30PM. I think I learned a lot today about overdriving the car, and perhaps was looking to gain time in all the wrong places. My second run was my fastest and I'm pretty certain that I took out more cones in the afternoon 3 runs, than I had hit the rest of the year combined, including the Velocity class!

          I'm guessing that removing half of my Quattro drivetrain for dry days would not be legal in stock, right?

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            Results have now been posted in the "Races & Results" section.
            Red 997 GT3 / 993 Turbo gone but not forgotten.
            HD YouTube track videos


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              I had a great time... great course... and the best day so far... Organization was amazing as usual...
              - to Farzaan for letting me take a ride in that badass rocket car... I havent giggled like a little school girl in a long time

              Cant wait for the next event...



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                First of all BIGGGGGG BIGGGGGG thanks everyone who organized this event today. It was very good and I had a lot of fun. First time driving my friend's Impreza 2.5RS and I enjoyed driving it a lot. I guess everyone loved the weather & temperature we had today!

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                  Hey guys! This was my first time and I loved it! I think I will keep coming out to the autox events in the future!

                  I have a few questions... I guess they must be in a FAQ somewhere but I can't find such a thing. Well can somebody answer them or point to the right direction?

                  1. In the racing results, I guess "N" means novice? I don't have a "N" for some reason. Also, what makes a person qualify to be a novice "N"?

                  2. What does "indexed time" mean?

                  3. In the next Sunday's regional event, can anybody come out? I am planning to go, but I don't know if my (very very bad) times will affect the overall club time or something like that? I don't really care about my own times... I just don't want to make the club look bad

                  4. Where can I look up the guideline for the mods allowed in different classes?



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                    Great event!

                    Special compliments on the course design. Although the super fast course was disadvantageous to us with smaller engines, it was still very fun to drive.

                    I just wish we could have had one or two more runs


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                      Hey all,

                      Big thanks to the crew! Great event! I have a lot of fun and have met a lot of nice ppl. The Datsun and the 993 are amazing. So is Chris' Miata. The course is very high speed and I love it. The gearing is kinda weird for the first 3 gates though, or maybe it's just my car. Also, I was working station 4 (end of slalom), and lots of ppl were hitting the second last cone in the slalom when they tried to get on the gas early. But the Elan didn't seem to have a problem. It's a very fun car to watch.

                      Anyways, thanks again!
                      Hopefully we get the same weather next week.


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                        for Team TBG for the great course with lots of variety and good safety considerations.

                        I got a sun burn.

                        My only criticism is reserved for the worker exchanges. It takes too long. At two change overs the grid was full and waiting while workers straggled out on the course walking like they were in a funeral parade.


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                          Great event, as always

                          I just had a look at the results for C/SS,... I'm gonna cry now,... looks like the miata's are gonna kick some serious butt,...


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                            for the event oragnizers and course design...

                            i had lots of fun...i already thought it was highspeed...i cant imagine what we'll get on may 3rd

                            the CSS people were quite surprised that we had 2 new contenders with hoosiers!!!
                            but anyways...welcome to the club :P


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                              I honestly had a blast yesterday. I was on the verge of freezing in the morning, then got a sunburn in the afternoon. I did quite well considering in the afternoon runs my car was starving for fuel because the tank was a bit on the low side.

                              Steve and Bruce did a fantastic job with the course design, and then Bruce managed to eek me out in the overalls by .2 seconds (if only for more gas). Also, I still can't figure out how Peter beat me by .005, driving a stock MR2. Oh to have the reflexes and concentration of a 19 year old again.

                              My only question concerns the info that is in the database about my registration. I originally signed up for my membership running on Dunlops, but have now changed to Kumhos. Could someone please update this info for me?



                              [ April 28, 2003, 01:38 PM: Message edited by: Jaker ]