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    The indexed result is not accurate due to competitors car sharing/changes.

    Thank you for coming out today and special thanks to Cliff who setup the course in early morning. 40 competitors, 9 runs, 1 hour lunch break, We had a really relaxing day!

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    I just wanted to say a big THANKS to Cliff for including another YaleTown Box in today's design. I really appreciated getting another shot at this, especially from the other side. I can't wait to take this back to the States.

    All in all, it was a fun and funny course. It walked very slow. But it drove rather fast. (Or maybe that was just me and my inability to "read" a course without driving it.)

    Thanks also to Rich H., Lawrence, and Bernie for providing some FTD excitement.

    Good luck tomorrow to everyone running tomorrow.

    - Jtoby


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      Damn!! 9 runs? Looks like Oswald is the front runner in Rookie of the Year!

      Too bad I had to work during the day. Gonna head back to the office now for more work...


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        Agree with Toby! The course seemed slow during course walk but turned out to be fast and fun even for my pretty big 4-dr sedan for most part of the course. I've driven the BMW a few times last year but never with the 235s. I have to say, "WOW!" The car is so much fun to drive even with stock hp. Made me realize how much hard work Terence has done on the suspension setup last year. My little complaint was that the back end was more eager to come out than last year when I was riding his car. We found the answer as we swapped back out the 235s today. The right rear just corded today and the left rear is pretty close. Hmmm... one set down, one more set to go!


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          Hey, you cheaters on the indexed ranking! :P Mason, your 39s run was in Todd's CM car, right? Barry, your 39s run was in the Lotus, right? Looks like if the index ranking was corrected, Terence would've been up to 3rd place right after Oswald and Cary since Terence's fastest time was in his CS miata. And I would've been up to 6th place in the BMW with Mason and Barry moved down and Terence moved up.


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            Originally posted by Race Miata:
            Agree with Toby! The course seemed slow during course walk but turned out to be fast and fun even for my pretty big 4-dr sedan for most part of the course.
            I'm glad to hear you guys enjoyed the course. I though I was going to get a lot of complaints about it not being fast enough. I guess my new secret to course design is to get 2 hrs. of sleep the night before and make it up as I get to the site

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            Brian: Peter, those are Cheerios.


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              Course was ok in my books...very americianized. They like those box gates. I think the runs are a little short, but overall we get alot of runs in. Shorter course level out the competitors a bit, but moves the cars threw faster... I personally like 60-70+ second courses....makes it more challenging. It's a great start for the novices, but when they get into a tuff course design, it will shock them.

              ONE big plus...I liked having 9 runs, it gave me a chance to try different things with my car, boost levels, lines, trail braking, left foot braking, drifting etc.....and some runs just to have fun and take advantage of some HP.

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                I've never done an SCCA event west of the Mississippi, but can say that box gates are rare in Pennsylvania, western New York, and New England. Double-sided pointers (often called "hey look at me"s) are also rare where I'm from, but when they mark the first gate of a square box pair, they seem to be useful. The general rule where I'm from is that any pair of gates should be at least twice as far apart as they are wide. Gates also usually point where you are going, as opposed to where you are coming from, unless it is a two-way design, meant to be run one direction in the morning and the other direction in the afternoon. We also don't often have course maps, but rely on flour to line the course. Of course, it doesn't rain as much.

                One of the great things about having three clubs running events in one place is that you get to try different styles of course without having to travel. The next region over from my home region usually has designs that are quite similar to mine. So I have to go some distance for variety.

                - Jtoby


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                  The course design wasn't too bad in general but I thought it was a pretty typical course design that VCMC has been designing since I've joined the club.
                  When the word came out that a Solo2 Fast event was being organized, I was excited in anticipation of a smooth course layout that would maintain an overall higher speed. I had imagined this would help people prepare and better accustom themselves and the car for Solo 1 and perhaps the eventual track day. But I didn't think the course design was a Solo 2 Fast that i had imagined it would be.
                  However, getting a plentiful of runs for the money was a

                  Are true Solo 1 events feasible at BB or even at MRP this season?


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                    Is insurance the big issue with organizing a Solo 1 event at BB or MRP?