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WCRA is looking for rallycross sites!

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  • WCRA is looking for rallycross sites!

    The West Coast Rally Association is searching for a new venue to host their RALLYCROSS events! We know there is quite a bit interest from a variety of people for these events, so the search is on to find the right place to do it.

    If you are, or someone you know is, a land owner in British Columbia that may be interested in renting out some space to host these events, let the club know!

    What we're looking for is a large (parking lot sized) open area. It should be relatively smooth and flat; gentle slopes are okay. Hard packed gravel or dirt. Mixed asphalt and gravel surfaces are fine, but free of large rocks, debris, or obstacles.

    E-mail Peter Parsonage or [email protected] for more info.


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    Just drove through Pemberton recently...I'd say with the amount of land available there, it's a good place to look. Maybe even try to make a deal with the natives in Mt Currie.


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      HUGE gravel/sand graded lot on 75th and Hudson. 43 acres on the river beside the oh so cool Wild Coyote bar. The contact is Don Viner (662-2613) with Colliers Realty. Maybe you could make some deal for usage until they get a long term lease.