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May 18th Practice Event feedback

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  • May 18th Practice Event feedback

    we needed an announcer, so the people workign the course know the times.

    also, who ate my subway sandwich that was buy the green box? yeah, you know who you are.

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    *** , someone jacked your sandwich


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      Another great day with VCMC. The 1 day tour style day was great. It was surprising how different the morning vs. the afternoon course was. A beautiful day, which was greatly appreciated considering there was the lime lining on the course again. Thanks for the great day.



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        It's great day... good event

        I agree we need an announcer, without announcer autox is kind of bored, even you see the time on the board but not sure it's your time .

        still have fun today, thanks guys ..
        I missed my Neon


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          today was FUN!

          but to be honest we didn't have that many ppl today possibly because of the long weekend (either away for holidays or has to accompany family)...

          we had 8 runs, 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, wish everyone had fun!


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            I wish that we had had announcing, too. It's simply something that I didn't plan for. Sorry about that.

            - Jtoby


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              2007 Honda Fit sport


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                2007 Honda Fit sport


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                  Thanks everyone for such a great event. I enjoyed it so much and it's really fun to have two different course layout in 1 day! Very nice!

                  Here is the link to the other pix:
                  2007 Honda Fit sport


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                    it was my frist time @autox. i had a blast..
                    learned a lot of stuff about my GTI
                    it needs a huge sway bar at the back of it, and a better driver


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                      Hey all,

                      Just wondering why is this thread posted here instead of the usual place at the Racing forum? Was looking for it there, but anyways it's all the same =). I had a great time today as usual, and everything went relatively smooth. I totally agreed that we need an announcer. It was kinda quiet during the runs, but the battle between Chris, Peter and Bernie for FTD was exciting enough to compensate for it.

                      The course was quite slippery during the first couple of runs in the morning due to those chunks of chalk (or whatever those are). But we, the first group of drivers, went out and swept the course clean with our tires . The afternoon runs were a lot better in terms of the condition of the course. I like the course better in the morning after in the afternoon. But in general, it's a fun course that demands precision (especially in/out of the c-box) and patience. Though it would make it even better to finish on a straight (like the dash-for-the-finish feeling ).

                      Good day ppl.


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                        kyokoris: Just come out more to practice and to have fun and to enjoy the sun and to hang out and to ... arrrr

                        Just come out .


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                          spoonek4: thanks for the pictures!

                          My car looks good hahahahahaha .

                          And so do all you people's!!!!


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                            How come noone ever takes pictures of H Stock cars?

                            Thanks for a well run event Toby. The course design was excellent! It definitely had an SCCA flavour, kinda like the courses VCMC used to run 4-5 yrs ago.
                            I'd like to suggest that the Worker Manager really takes a good look at the list of drivers before handing out work assignments. There are some positions that should be given to senior drivers only. For example, the strater's job today am would have been messy if we took the risk of a newbie learning curve.
                            I personally prefer the slow start and finish we had today. It is MUCH easier on cars! Just think of what your suspension & steering bushings, joints and motor mounts go through after a whole season of the drag launches/stops. I think this should be the way we do it all the time, with a couple drag start/finish setups per year, instead of the other way around.
                            Now if we could just get rid of the traditional stop box and turn it into an "L" shaped, unmanned box...


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                              I feel bad I slept in, I needed to catch up on sleep from the week, but the course looked fun, I watched for a few hours...and it looked like everyone had a smile on their faces...anyone get burned? Wish I could have been apart of the FTD time... I think our club is one of the best organized in north america, as good, or if not better than some big US events. Being apart of this club makes me proud, hopefully I can give us a good name when I attend some US events this year.

                              11.6 last night