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Tech help for Kumho Super Challenge

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  • Tech help for Kumho Super Challenge

    Since I volunteered (under duress I might add, ha! ha!) I need people for the Tech portion of the Kumho Super Challenge.

    Wednesday Night June 11th at Boundary Bay

    6:00-8:00: Brian, Jacques, Markus

    Saturday Morning, June 14th at BB:

    7:00-7:45: Ernest, Neil, Colin

    7:45-8:30: Chris, Terence, Brian, Jacques

    Sunday Morning, June 15th at BB:

    7:30-8:30: Jacques, Mike

    Remember that one of these worker shifts satisfies your requirements for work during both days of the event.

    Thanks guys.


    [ June 11, 2003, 09:38 PM: Message edited by: Jaker ]

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    As mentoned in the other thread, you could put my name down for Wed (and/or Sat).

    - Brian

    Happiness isn't around the corner - happiness is the corner.


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      Ernest, Brian, Zach, Terence and I have volunteered from the original thread.

      Moving this topic to "Racing events". Please continue from there.


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        Terence and I can do the 2nd shift on sat morning. Do we need that many people since some if not many participants will be done on wed?


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          Due to the high profile nature of the event, and the possibility of reaching the 150 competitor entry limit, there's a feeling that many competitors will be coming from out of town. This could lead to many people requiring tech on Saturday . I just want to be sure that we can process all the inspections in a timely manner.

          Thanks Chris for "adjusting" the post, and inserting it in the appropriate forum.


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            I can help with tech on saturday,......maybe wednesday too.

            Colin Armstrong
            Mini Cooper


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              Thanks Colin. I signed you up for both Wednesday and Saturday, 1st shift 7:00 to 7:45.

              Let me know if you can't make it Wednesday, or if you'd prefer 2nd shift Saturday.



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                Saturday is fine...I can't do wednesday because of another committment with the PFRally


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                  I can do Saturday first shift.



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                    I made the changes to Wednesday, and I also bumped you to 2nd shift (7:45-8:30) on Saturday. If that's not OK, I'll move to the 2nd shift and put you back on the 1st.

                    Neil, you are signed up for the 1st shift on Saturday.

                    We have enough people for Saturday now. I'd like to see 1 or 2 more people for Wednesday, and I definitely need at least 1 more person to help me on Sunday. The event is still 1 week away, and we're already at 58 pre-registered entrants.


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                      Originally posted by Jaker:
                      ...I definitely need at least 1 more person to help me on Sunday.
                      I can help you Sunday.



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                        Thanks Mike. You've been added to the list.

                        1 or 2 more for Wednesday, and we're all set for tech.


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                          can you sign me up for tech on wednesday?...

                          thank you...



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                            Thanks Markus.

                            It appears that there may not be a requirement for tech on Sunday, but I'll keep the list up just in case.


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                              are there any tech spots left?...

                              if so my friend jimmy would like to help out...