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Feedback for 2003 Kumho Super Challenge - June 14 & 15

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  • Feedback for 2003 Kumho Super Challenge - June 14 & 15

    Holy smokes!!! In all my years of autocrossing, I've gotta say that this weekend was absolutely amazing. Never has competition been so fierce and the atmosphere so energetic...we had dancing at the event site today. My thanks go out to the team that did all the behind the scenes work to bring us yet another landmark event. Congratulations to all the winners who drove so hard and partied just a hard all weekend.

    It was so much fun calling the action along w/ Steve and Don and having the buzz of activity around us.


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    I never single out my compliment to any member as I always believe in team effort, however, today's event is one big exception!

    Toby, thank you!
    From creating today's run format to course design and actually headed up timing and scoring for the finale, your devoted effort is greatly apperciated by all of us.

    It's a great loss to VCMC that you are moving back to Penn but I do wish you all the success in life

    The official Toby_Light staging system:

    It seems we can't say it enough, thank you Kumho Canada!

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      Sounds like I missed out on a great event!

      Who won the Sunday challenge? I can imagine it being quite intense once it got down to the top 10...


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        Thanks for all VCMC's members brought out this increditable event. Special thanks for Toby, you did an excellent job to calculate all the index time.


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          Originally posted by Neon Racer:
          Who won the Sunday challenge?
          Click click


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            Yes, hats off to EVERYONE who made this weekend come true. From the Kumho representatives from Korea to the awesome DJ who pumped us all up. U guy's made this weekend end in such a spectacular and memorable way. Thank you to the caterer as well. I really enjoyed listening to Don on the mic and as i think other people will agree, his commentary really got everyone on their toes during the shoot-out. Again, thanks for a awesome day!


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              Man! I've been active in the sport over the last 10 years and I must say that I've never had so much fun and excitement packed in a single autox weekend! Bremerton National Tour came in close second w/ tons of excitement but not as fun an environment as the Kumho Super Challenge.

              Thank Toby and team for putting such nice ideas once again into reality! With Toby's quick PAX conversion between classes and Don's lively announcing, excitement to the MAX!


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                I didn't race this event and i regret it!!

                Just watching the elimination round was SO EXCITING. Its awesome even just being a spectator.

                Thanks guys for putting up a good event, even in spectator point of view.

                BTW, Marlon, Oswald, Colin, Damon, Cary, i have some videos of your top 10 or top 5 elimination runs if u want them, even though they're just in 320x240 digicam quicktime format.
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                  Like everybody said u guys did a GREAAAAAAT JOB on organizing this event. I had tons of fun in the one day tour not long ago then the super challenge event brought me some great fun again. Two for you guys who get this event together. THANKSSSSS!

                  I had tons of fun this weekend. Atmosphere was great. Everyone get serious but they are also willing help the other members out on setting up their cars.

                  Congratulations to Oswald, Marlon & Colin again.

                  Here are some of the pix I took for heat 1 drivers. There are a lot more to come, including some of the pix my friend took on Day 1. I will upload them after work today and they'll be all up tonite hopefully.

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                    it was best event I've ever had. The music plus Don's announcing added so much fun to the event, it made it feel the day goes much quicker. We should get a set of those speakers too!

                    Big thanks to Toby too, your ideas are just always so good.

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                      This was easily the best and most fun event i've ever participated in. Both days were absolutely awesome in terms of layout, type and caliber of competition and the friends racing there with me!

                      Chris! I can't believe how close our competition was, that was so much fun being seperated by hundreths of a second on both days!!!!! congratulations!

                      Seeing everybody battling for those tenths and hundreths of a second really pushed me to drive at my absolute best and i think this was the case for everyone! The caliber of driving just steadily increased throughout the whole weekend (despite that awesome banquet!)

                      Big thanks to Rick our DJ for helping to pump us up even more! i've honestly never jumped into the air and cheered as people in other classes battled before but sunday watching that shootout with that high energy music in the background pumped the whole crowd up SO much! It was fantastic to see everybody cheering as the final five battled for every last millisecond.

                      If anything i think that this event has both shown and strengthened the bonds between the fantastic people in this club. Bonds that will make us an even larger force to be reckoned with at other events like the Canadian Nationals and SCCA national tour!!!
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                        Awesome weekend! Many, many thanks to everyone who planned and managed the events--the competitions, the banquet, the DJ, the caterer, etc. And a special thanks to Kumho Canada for making it possible!

                        The shootout Sunday was especially fun, with Don giving the play-by-play and keeping everyone informed and pumped-up. The format was a great innovation, and the course design was different and challenging. The DJ was a nice touch.

                        Congratulations, too, to everyone who participated. Lots of friendly rivalry, pushing and helping each other do better, resulting in some really close, but friendly, competition.

                        We love coming up to have fun with our VCMC friends. What a great group of people!

                        --Mike and Carol


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                          Yesterday was the most fun that I've ever had at an autoX. With the competition and the DJ and the crowd cheering, the energy in the T&S tent during the Final Round was incredible. And it was a lot of fun to be working with Lawrence and Don. So smooth under pressure.

                          I have a few other thank-yous to add to those so far.

                          Bruce and Erin Toews absolutely saved my butt by staying late on Saturday to help do some setting up. In case you didn't hear, the original design put my car over 120 kph before the first turn, so it had to be scrapped. (It would have been a severe bummer to have discovered this at 6:30 am Sunday with the maps already printed out, etc, etc.) Thanks also to Sheldon Lemoine, Bruce, Erin, Steve Kibble, Tara Campbell, Lawrence, and Henry Ho, who were all there early on Sunday to finish getting things ready. And thanks to Cary Lam, who had to change his design for Saturday (due to the large number of participants) and from whom I stole the idea of using a series of diagonals all the way out. He had that in his original design. It's called a Zipper. And an extra thanks to Steve for suggesting the small wall near the spin-or-win slalom, to make it more challenging.

                          But, to echo Farzaan, thanks most of all to the competitors.

                          And congrats to Oswald, Marlon, and Colin, and to everyone else.

                          - Jtoby


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                            Thank you very much for all the event organizers, banquet organizers, competitors and Kumho Canada for this great event. Also, thanks to Toby for coming up with the challenge format. It really put a Pro Solo flavor into the event with the pacing and feel of direct head-to-head competition The DJ and Don Nimi's great announcing at the challeng rounds made it very exciting. It was FUN!

                            Congratulations to Oswald for some great driving to take home the top honors on Sunday.



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                              It was FUN, FUN and FUN. Thanks everyone and Kumho Canada. Congratulations for all the trophy winners, especially Oswald.

                              - Brian

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