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    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to acknowledge the wonderful work put forward this past weekend, that made the BC Auto Slalom Championships possible.

    Thanks go to everyone on the Special Events team, organiser Mason Yu and his managers!

    Please take the time to leave your comments about the event on this thread.

    Thank you,

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    Let me be the first to say that I WANT the music to continue, albeit with a few tweaks to please everyone (or as many as humanly possible).

    Rick, you are a fabulous DJ. I don't know if you are being paid or not, but you should be. The next event that I have that requires a DJ will net you a phonecall.


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      I agree, a CPE or OPE keep the music going. However it did bother me a little at a regional competition. Maybe it was the positioning of the speaker that blew as much sound as possible into the driver’s ear as he/she was waiting at the Toby Light.
      I would also like to address another concern I had; run in a heat. This weekend was done slightly differently, having all 4 runs in each heat. I found it was counter-productive from a drivers stand point. Normally 2 runs per heat, one in the morning and one in the afternoon gives: time to reflect on earlier runs, let the track change in temperature and cleanliness, and lets you adjust to the conditions. However having the 4 runs in one heat I found myself making the same mistake 3 times in a row and have to adjust to clean up my last run in a few minutes. I don’t mean to be anal; I am just voicing an opinion.
      Not to say this weekend was without its great moments. There were many close battles in the field. Again Mother Nature graced us with beautiful Boundary Bay sunshine that made the black of my steering wheel so hot I could barely touch it. Truth be told I loved the music as I was sitting around under the shade of the tents. Obviously I could not say enough about the food, a definite pro of the day, saved me from chocking back another gut clenching big mack. Overall a great even, thanks a lot to everyone that put it together.



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        A huge thanks to all organizers and helpers for the fabulous BC Championship Event!! All your hard worked resulted in just an awesome event that really rocked!!

        The course was super fun for both days, with Day 2 course being really challenging for me which is a great thing for a Championship event! Lawrence, thanks for the Chili Dogs - they we're sooo good, loved the variety of food for lunch - we got spoiled . I really loved the 4 run format, it just makes so much sense...less changeover time so we're done WAY EARLIER - can actually spend more time with my autocross widowed partner or hmmm... better yet - MORE RUNS!!! (sure hope he doesn't read this), need to focus just once, needless changeovers are a waste of time, can handle more cars as sport grows, and we'll be better prepared for the U.S. events as that's how they're run too - awesome. Definitely - DON'T STOP THE MUSIC, what a great atmosphere it creates! Everything was so well done!!!

        Thanks again,


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          Awesome event!
          I loved the 4 run back to back format and found it facilitated better and more consistent improvement in my times throughout the heat.
          DJ Rick was great as always!
          Courses were excellent, challenging and flowing, both days rewarding the proper line, but allowing room for originality and expermimentation as to which line is best!
          -I think the optional section in Day two was brilliant as i've yet to see so many people undecided in the morning as to which was the best route.Kudos!
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            Great event. The music was really fun and the courses were excellent. The competition was really tight in many classes.

            The optional slalom on Sunday was a brilliant piece of course design. I thought it was reasonably clear which was the preferred way, but the course tricked many drivers into approaching it with too much speed, forcing them to take the other way. Thankfully I was running in the last group and watched/talked with lots of people about it.

            The food was amazing. More food than you could possibly eat. Plus all the cookies and candies were a tasty bonus. I would take that over a banquet any day. Thanks to Guido, Sandra, Law, Dawn and all the other chef-extraordinaire's who put the lunch together.

            One thing I leared this weekend: changing cars makes it difficult (for me) to step back into the original car and drive fast immediately. Bruce and Erin brought their new Miata out and we put Tara's new Hoosier/Kaizer wheel combo on it. I took it out for 2 fun runs, and then drove Ron/Nate's Hoosier-clad Honda for a fun run on Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning, I overdrove like crazy on the first run in the GTI. I didn't drive well at all on Sunday, only posting a reasonable time on my last run - it took me that long to re-learn the GTI.
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              Just wanted to add my thanks for a fantastic weekend! So cool to be a VCMC member now!!

              Great music, Awesome food, Great friends!

              Driving to the theme from Top Gun? - Religious!

              Thank-you all SO much!!

              Can't wait to see you all next time!



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                Great event! Thanks to the organisers and volunteers.

                I think the music was ok, but it was positioned too close to the start line so it was a bit loud. I can't even hear my engine revs when i launched my car. Also try to use censored version of the song if possible, this is a family event afterall. I found it kinda funny and inappropriate that a kid was commentating and reading out the times while Snoop Dog was saying some " sh!t"
                Ricky Ho (Bodyroll Champion x2)


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                  Great event. Loved the atmosphere created by the DJ's and announcers. Again, a level of competiton in so many classes that I just don't get to see locally. Hope to make more trips next season and to see more BC competitiors out to the Calgary area.

                  Specific thanks to Colin of course, the VCMC ELT for doing what they could to make the event out-of-towner friendly, again to Chris Chu who's advice after the first day led to improved times for me on day two, and Neil Armstrong (and family) who put me up for the weekend.


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                    first time ran under pressure... well, good course and event..

                    I missed my Neon