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Datsun Sept 13th Event

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  • Datsun Sept 13th Event

    Thank you to all the clubs that made this event possible!

    Here are the results.

    Sept 13th Datsun Event.

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    Thank you Henry and everyone else who came out to support our Nissan friends for their Saturday Autocross held at Boundary Bay.

    The sun was shining and everyone had a great day!


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      A HUGE thanks goes out to VCMC and the crew that came out and helped to setup, run and take down the equipment.

      Henry Ho. Wow....again your tireless volunteering and efforts do not go un-noticed. You are an extremely hard working, dedicated young man, and if you ever need a job, come on by and I'll take you in right away Kudos to you Henry and all your help. You are a HUGE asset to VCMC and the club should be forever grateful for your energy and enthusiasm.

      Guido - thanx for your help with all the setup, and dealing with the Vancouver RCMP officer. The PR for that is awesome and really helps our bonding with the authorities to elevate VCMC's status as an organized and caring club that is willing to work with the authorities.

      Bernie: Thanx man for dropping off and picking up all the equipment, and for blasting back again to get us out of trouble with the patch cord.

      Mason: Thanx as always for your efforts in registering and administering the computers all day long. There is no way that timing and scoring can function without you.

      Peter: Awesome job with COW and with the event flow. Thanx for your assistance.

      And to everyone else that I missed (I'm sorry, if I don't mention you), but you all know that you are appreciated and help to make VCMC the elite club that it is. Thanx also to the general membership that also showed up to race and support the event. (Chris - your car had more than a few Datsun's shaking their heads

      I think that our club's organization and level of events truly shocks most that are not ready for it. The Nissan crowd consists of a lot of Americans and old-school auto-xers who are used to run cards, manual scoring and no Toby lights, bar codes or timer displays, and you could see that with their hesitance and overall shock to see the level of what a current-day VCMC event runs like.

      VCMC is able to assist with small clubs like the Nissan crowd and literally put an event on like this with very little lead time, and no snags. To me, that is a tribute to the organization and "backbone" of VCMC that is in place. Our club is by far the most organized and on-the-ball club in the region. We are like a well-oiled professional sports team that has team players that can be called upon at anytime, to get the job done.

      Kudos to VCMC !!



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        I would like to second what Don said and give a big thanks to Henry, Guido, Mason, Bernie and Peter for representing our club so well this past weekend. I attended for a short time and as usualy, they kept things humming along so well.

        We will be looking to Henry for a 2004 ELT position, let's all encourage him to take it

        I am also glad to announce that the Pacer police car will be attending our club practice event on the 27th of September. It should be great fun!
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          First, thanks Henry and other VCMC volunteers help putting up a good show. Henry! Save this thread. Mention it in your resume. It'll help jump-starting your career!

          It was kind of interesting to try something different once in a while. The tighter-than-normal course reminded me of the old days. So did a few 510s I used to see autoxing in the old days. It was quite interesting to see some nicely done up 510s and older Z cars.

          Originally posted by PDM:
          (Chris - your car had more than a few Datsun's shaking their heads
          I guess my little car has a big advantage on the tighter than normal course, especially with my newer setup. Once again I swapped out the stock rear sway for my ST bar. The handling changed from understeer back to mild oversteer which suited the course. As Damon loved the handling similar to his car, I was adapting to my "new" setup. Once again Alvin was kind enough to let me drive the beautiful S2000 in the afternoon. How could I resist? Who cares if Damon beats me in my own car? :P Just like Farz letting me drive his 911 turbo last year when Yarko was beating my time in my own car.


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            Hey everyone,
            first of all i'd like to thank everyone for making this event possible, i couldn't have done it without u guys! Afterall, events are always a team effort and i think we have a good team on board so kudos to all of you who helped make this event not only fun but a successful one for both VCMC and Datsun!

            I think its great that we have some people who are ready to lend their hands to help out and volunteer for this event and for many others events that VCMC has hosted.

            Once again,

            Thank You !


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              On behalf of the Nissan/Datsun Enthusiasts of B.C, I would like to extend our thank's
              to the vcmc crew that handled our special event September 13th at Boundary Bay Airport. We had the best turnout ever for this event and the email
              feedback is remarkable after members returned home and got on the web sites to talk about a great time. I want to thank henry ho for heading up the crew that helped us. He's the strong silent type who knows how to handle glitchs and tech problems in a quiet reassuring way. NDEBC is
              comprised of 4 clubs: the 510 club of BC, Vancouver Island Datsun Enthusiasts, the Northwest Nissan's and the BC Z Registry. We did a fantastic job raising funds for charity this last weekend and hope we can continue to grow together for future events.
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