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  • CPE # 1 Post Event Discussion

    Dear Members,

    Thank you to everyone who came out to attend Club Practice Event #1. The weather certainly was not what we were hoping for and I would like to extend a special thanks to Reggie Miranda and everyone who worked so hard to make this event happen.

    Please give us your feedback, both positive and negative so that we may continue to improve our events.

    Thank you,

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    Although bad weather, I still had fun, thanks to everyone
    but.. 4.95 for a real chicken breast burger.. not too cheap , i'd rather to drive to McDonalds and have lunch.
    I missed my Neon


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      Being a regular member attending an event was a lot of fun, it was impressive to watch from the "outside" how things just happen. Of course, having been on the "inside" last year, I know that a lot of hard work and time goes into it, but it really is great to see the whole club working so well. Guido, his ELT and the hard work of the members clearly shows.

      It was unfortunate that I had to leave due to a work emergency and only got two runs in, but I enjoyed pushing the twin turbo around the course for the first time with the new setup. It's quite a handful, especially when you are steering more down the straight than in the corners

      For the first time in my life, I think I can say that this car *is* fast

      Thanks to the event crew for a great start to the year. Once we get the course overlap a bit better and some good weather, things will run even smoother.

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        i like the rain; it helps out low hp cars on street tires =) and if less ppl come out, that means shorter grid lines =)

        thanks to the vcmc staff for their time & effort!


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          I wish I'd come out.

          I didn't want to push my luck w/ my damaged stud today.
          Tomorrow morn it's getting fixed at least .

          I'll be there for the 21st though, hoping for lots of rain so that no one shows up & I get in 12 runs .


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            Much thanks to everyone to who showed up today, despite ridiculously cold weather and standing water on course It made for some fantastic spins!


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              I thought it was a great course. I like to drive a longer course oncein a while and this was fun! I didn't mind the rain at all and the White Whale loved it! Everything went smoothly and we ended nice and early while still getting 6 runs. Thanks to all who helped out and made today another great VCMC event.


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                Originally posted by ryomaX:
                It made for some fantastic spins!


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                  Originally posted by tora:
                  we ended nice and early while still getting 6 runs.
                  How early did it end?


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                    i think 3:30 or so. there was a break for lunch


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                      I see the Zola is back in Vancouver.

                      Brave soul to drive in this kind of weather with slick tires.

                      With the pink F500 and the return of the Zola, there will be half a donzen of open wheel cars this season. I can't recall there was ever that many "real" race cars locally.

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                        Thanks everyone. Again, great organization. The new speakers were nice too. Only complaint was the 4.95 burger. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the rather chanllenging course.


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                          The event was great, I had lots of fun. But note to self: when raining, wear waterproof pants(or something close).