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Club Practice #2 - March 21

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  • Club Practice #2 - March 21

    It's time for Club Practice #2 - a good opportunity for the recent Velocity Grads to get some more seat time, and the rest of club members to dig the tires out of storage.

    I'll be needing a few volunteers to help with the following positions for the event.

    Chief of Course:
    Chief of Timing/Scoring:
    Chief of Tech:
    Chief of Registration:
    Chief of Workers:
    Chief of Clean-Up:

    Thanks for your help!


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    What's a good spot for a newbie like me?

    Me & the H-stock beast should be there , and I'd like to give back to VCMC. So what's the easiest spot to learn, so a n00b like me doesn't screw up .

    I could be Chief of Krispy Kreme .


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      If no one else wants it, I'll be chief of tech. I don't want to hog all the choice jobs though, so if someone else wants to do it, I'll just be a tech flunky.


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        Chief of Registration!


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          I'm also new to this but I'll be glad to do Tech. Just let me know the details.

          [ March 09, 2004, 08:41 PM: Message edited by: kehoteg ]


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            Chief of Course: Steve Kibble
            Chief of Timing/Scoring: Henry, Michael, Andy
            Chief of Tech: Jacques, Kehoteg
            Chief of Registration: Reggie
            Chief of Workers:
            Chief of Clean-Up: Arthur

            Any other takers?


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              I will take my usual T&S, and if Michael want to learn I can teach him how to use to system

              [ March 10, 2004, 12:06 AM: Message edited by: Nuclear Bomb In a BOX ]


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                I want to learn T&S as well
                I missed my Neon


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                  I should have come and looked you up last Sunday. I totally forgot that you had volunteered as a stand-by. 3 out of the 5 people that signed up for tech didn't show (well one did, but he left before doing any tech).

                  Ferdinand and I did all the cars, with some help from Chris Chu. Maybe next time the notice will come before 1:30 AM the morning of the event.


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                    really Andy? I thought you enjoy gate duty?
                    andy and michael can work @ T&S for their work assignment.


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                      oh ya..I love it :P

                      but somewtimes you need to give the chance to anybody else....hah

                      I can help tech. as well
                      I missed my Neon


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                        Need a few more volunteers!

                        Don't forget it's guaranteed to be sunny, warm, and not windy!


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                          I'll take Chief of Clean-Up.
                          Silver '91 BMW 318is - 06/07 G-stock (retired and sold)
                          "On a break" from autocross


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                            ok, Thanks !!


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                              Still need a Chief of Workers (and perhaps a backup for when the CoW is running)

                              The CoW makes sure there are enough people for all station and designates who goes to each station. Very easy to learn!