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  • CPE 2 Results and feeback

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    Thank you to all who join us today, we break another record by finishing 9 runs and I got home by 5pm

    I would like to start a poll for future CPE course design, your response will directly influence future CPEs course design:

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    I was a pretty fun course though & gotta love the weather today.
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      Hey Law,

      Couldn't you have counted my last (and best) run?



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        only 9 official runs


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          Really fast course + and nice technical S-element.
          One of the best designs. Good job.
          The length of the course is about right too IMO.
          50 to 60 seconds courses are fun to drive, but not fun to work.

          I like the new tent, too btw.

          Great event again.


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            Not that it makes a big deal, but James Yip and Michael Yeung was sharing the same Del Sol. How come James is in D/SS while Michael is in F/SS?
            IIRC, it is a single cam vtec Del Sol, it is in C/SS is it not?

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              I think it's because one of them used to drive a Impreza 2.5RS. The car information has changed, but the class that the driver is in hasn't.

              Similar things happen all the time when a person switch cars with others during the event. The results will only shows one car and one class for that driver, but actually the run times are from 2 (or more) cars in different classes. It's practice, so it doesn't matter. When it comes to regional or other events, I don't think this will happen. So don't worry .


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                the reason why michael was in F/SS becuase he didnt tell the timing crew...

                we thought the car should be in F/SS before ...but after i talked with cliff about classing couple days ago.. he said the car is in D/SS ..... so thats why iam running D/SS....

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                  like Os said, its only a CPE, so no need to worry or stress about the classes and result.

                  Also, when I'm doing T&S or monrning register, I'm only putting down what class the person wants to run in. I'm not going to stop a stock miata from running in CM, thats not T&S job, event if there is cheating within the class.

                  So to avoid this, it's to tell me in the morning what class you will be running, just to make sure so we won't have anymore confusions which will make the event more smoothly.


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                    Like I said, no big deal.
                    Just wanted to point it out if there was a mistake.
                    08 Nike Shox H/S???