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  • CPE #3 Post Event Discussion

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you to all who attended Club Practice Event #3. Thanks also go to Henry Ho and everyone who helped organise this event.

    Please give us your feedback, both positive and negative so that we may continue to improve our events.

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    Let me speak first. I believe to most of us, we do agree the course design did not have the "flow". It was a good idea to make a course a bit technical, but this time it was way over done in several parts of the course.
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      Agree. Although, it got a little better at the end of the day. It would be great to see a longer course. Around 50 to 55 seconds would be great. Great organization as usual. Nice job and thanks a bunch.


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        Great organization, however I agree with the above about the course design being overdone technical wise.


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          Every time a car passes the asphalt after the last crossover before the 2 cone slalom made like a "kreuk kreuk" sound, kind of like bone breaking... and whatever car that spun out around there will lose some serious tires from that killer patch...

          Didn't really like the course even though it was straightforward and almost no one got lost...


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            Courses will not always "flow" nicely. I designed this course to be more "technical" than previous iterations. I know some of you prefer the smooth, flowing road racing style courses, but its nice to "change it up" from time to time.

            Should I ever be asked to design again, I'll be sure to poll the participants in advance.


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              I'm hearing people say it was to technical, doesn't that just mean you're not a good driver?

              As a newbie I liked the course because it made me have to think a lot more than usual. If I just wanted to cruise around I'd stay on the street.

              I give Jaker a for doing something different.


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                not complaining your course, but a technical course doesn't mean it has to be too tight and flow poorly. I don't see what makes this course to be more "technical" than previous ones.

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                  In my point of view, a technical course doesn't have to be "tight" in everywhere. This course is not a technical course in my own opinion, it is a "one line" gambling course.

                  Anyway, thanks for putting up the course and hopefully things will get better with more practice thoughout the season...


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                    The best way to ensure that the course is to your liking is to put time and effort into designing *and* setting up the course. Feedback is important, but everyone has their own style. The only way to show what you really want is to design and setup a course, it's a very eye-opening thing to do.

                    I've probably designed 50+ courses now over the past 8 years, both for VCMC and PCA. Even now, it requires a lot of time, effort and energy. It usually involves heading down to the track on a Friday evening to setup and test. Then you have to make maps and have them ready for Sunday. Finally, you then have to listen to everyone's take on why your course is too fast or too slow or favours this car or that car.

                    Finally, at the end of the day, you get all the thumbs up and satisfaction when no cars crashed and you see that a BS Miata did as well as an ASP 911 Turbo. You then know that you did a good job of balancing horsepower and handling.

                    Don't be afraid to volunteer, it's the best way to really understand how a course works.

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                      IMHO, a technical course would be one that allows different drivers with different styles in different cars to explore different lines around the cones, and yet be able to finish in a relatively quick time in their respective classes. Flexibility and diversity of driving lines are the main factors, in my opinion, that make a course interesting and technical. Although, at the end of the day, there will only be one fastest line for a particular type of car, but it's the process of adjusting your lines to get there that counts. Hence the term "technical", right? You should be able to learn something from the course elements and be able to improve your time quite a bit afterwards.

                      The course we had just driven this past Sunday was testing our precision and timing more than our brains. I guess it's challenging a different aspect of our driving.


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                        Originally posted by fc-racer:

                        and you see that a BS Miata did as well as an ASP 911 Turbo. You then know that you did a good job of balancing horsepower and handling.
                        Farz, did you mean to say BS S2k's??