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VCMC Closed Club pics..

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  • VCMC Closed Club pics..

    Yes, more pictures from me!

    I've attended Closed Clubs #3 and 4, and plan on going to every one after.

    Anyway, I've setup a directory for pictures of Closed Club events.. There are about 173 pics in there right now, along with some misc pictures, non-autox related, as well as the videos from the VCMC site. The pictures are mostly ones I took using Desmond's camera, but there are a bunch with my cam too.

    Anywho, check them out here:

    ftp://images:[email protected]/

    By the way, if you want to add to this or anything like that, send me an email at: [email protected] and we'll figure out a way to get your pics to me.

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    Awesome pics man!


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      Hi Dustin,

      Just wondering how to view the pics? I get to the page with all the pic icons, but each one seems to be not found. Thank you. Rob


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        ZFoo, if you're using IE, you can select all files and right-click then copy to your folder. If you're using Netscape, you should able to see the picture by clicking on each file.

        Hope this can help.

        - Brian (silver teg) Lee

        Happiness isn't around the corner - happiness is the corner.


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          Hi Brian,

          Thank you, netscape works fine. I saw some RSX titles so I was wondering if it was my car, turned out it was, from the last closed club event.

          Robert Lu
          Blue RSX TypeS
          Black Corvette ZR-1


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            Is that your car? Nice car.


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              Yep, thank you.

              There's so many new members in VCMC that I haven't met yet, and I only made it out to some of the events this season. Hopefully if the makeup "winter" closed club event will happen, I can make your acquaintance. I don't know even know what car you drive Dustin?

              Thanks for posting pics.
              Robert Lu


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                Unfortunatley, I don't drive yet. I need to buy a car soon. I want an MR2-Turbo (Or maybe NA) or a Corrado VR6.

                No driving for me, yet.