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Photos from UBC Event # 1

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  • Photos from UBC Event # 1

    Follow the Photos link, they're not great but I'll get better.

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    Thanks Guido, they are nice.
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      thanks for the pics.. didn't know anybody cared.. heh

      my celica looks sooooo fast.. (it's blurry) .. even though i could never get a fast clean run..


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        You're welcome guys, I'm planning to attend all the UBC events the VCMC closed clubs and the Championships series so I hope to post pictures from all those events.

        I used the lowest picture quality on the camera to produce the smallest file size but the pictures did'nt turn out that great, hopefully they'll be better next time.



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          For your camera, I would definitely use the highest 1.3 megapixel resolution.

          Another thing to do is if you do any editing afterwards, make sure to save the JPG at higher compression level of around 80-90 to ensure you don't introduce any graininess with too high compression.

          Finally, taking pictures at 1.3 and then resizing them to 800x600 will further make the pictures look even better.


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            My brother has a 1-G micro-drive. So I could take hundreds of high-res picture and I never able to fill up the drive in one single day until the battery die.

            I tried taking pictures at bbay last year and it was fun. My shots used a slow shutter speed and camera needs to follow the car during the shot. This way, the car shows up sharp while the wheel and the background becomes blurry. I like the result since it really shows the motion of the car. If you use high shutter speed, everything is sharp and okay but the wheel is like standing still as well.

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              Thanks for the tips Andre and Brian,

              Like I said I was disappointed in how the pictures turned out, I tried all the various setting in the house and I was quite pleased with the camera. At Boundary Bay the 2x zoom is not quite enough and it would also be nice to able to adjust the shutter speed. I think I'll try the panning technique next time.