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Unclaimed 2000 CACC Solo Trophies

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  • Unclaimed 2000 CACC Solo Trophies

    Hi All,

    In the cleaning of my garage/handing off stuff to Oliver I am forced to address a pile of old year end CACC Solo trophies that I have and that competitors have not claimed. These are the nice glass ones.

    Instead of disposing of them right away I thought I would send this notice out to see if anyone wants to claim them. If you know anyone on this list who might not have access to this notice please pass it on and have them email me at "[email protected]". I will only hold on to these trophies for another week, on Feb 9th they go to the recycling pile at the dump. I can bring them to the VCMC meeting this month (next Tuesday), if you want me to bring it there let me know. Anyone else should contact me and make alternate plans for pickup.

    These trophies mostly for 2000 other than the listed exceptions:

    Name Place Class Other
    Vincent Ching 3 IP2
    Ben Liang 3 ***
    Paul Rossmo 1 ASP
    Jeff Remfert 4 CSP
    Yarko Petriw 1 BSS
    Marc Sasso 1(dont worry Mark, I wont chuck yours)
    Terry Ellis 1 BSP
    Don Nimi 2 DSP 1997 ASP 1st
    Todd Kumagai 2 CSS
    Mike Elsigna 2 DM 1996 DM 2
    Rein Sin 2 HS
    Mark Thibault 2 BS
    Timothy Staurk 2 *** 1997
    Chris Chu 2 CSS 1997



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    please bring my trophy this tuesday!! (i didn't even realize you had it!?!
    Yarko Petriw 1 B/SS (sigh i miss the datsun...but C/SS is more competitive and therefore more fun!)
    Swift DB1 Formula Ford - trophy collection machine (co driver)
    2006 Lotus Elise - daily driver
    2013 Cannondale CAAD 10 - cycling racer
    1/4 of a Dodge Neon Chumpcar - because I didn't want to risk saving money.
    1992 Acura Integra LS - for those other days (or when I need a trunk)

    2014 Knox Mountain Hill Climb - King of the Hill
    2012 Knox Mountain Hill Climb - New record FF1600, 2nd Overall
    2011 Knox Mountain Hill Climb - Record holder FF1600, 3rd Overall.
    2011 SCCA National Championship - 3 cars, 2 classes, I have no idea...
    2010 SCCA National Tour - 1st CM
    2009 SCCA National Championship - 2nd CM
    2009 SCCA National Tour - 1st CM
    2005 Canadian National Champion - CSP


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      I would like to check if the trophies are mine
      in the name of Rein Sin 2 HS?

      Ernie Sin


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        Hey my names on that list.
        Did you already through the trophys away?

        Todd Kumagai