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  • So you want seat time...?

    From the Bremerton Sports car Club email list

    Hi Folks,
    Well we are about half way through the year and we thought we would do something special for the club’s membership. How about a Practice Day for Members Only!

    We will open the gates at 8:00, do reg and tech until 9ish and then get started. Our plan is to run in segments, so if you cannot make it right at 8, well come anyways. We will work you into the rotation. This will be a laid back event with timing (but no points).

    Please bring a potluck item to share. Duff will be bringing some BBQs and we will cook up some burgers and dogs (thanks to BSCC). We will go until it feels like it is time to go home. Last time I was involved in one of these events I got 40 runs in! The ultimate in FUN runs! If you are available top help with setup, reg, or tech please drop me a line.

    Thanks for being a member and we hope to see you there!
    Friday August 10 at Bremerton Raceway, gates open at 8:00, $20 for a whole day of driving and a free lunch!

    JEB the Reg guy

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    Re: So you want seat time...?

    Sounds pretty cool! For us rookies, can you tell us about the venue. How long does it take to get there? Do you recommend overnighting? What is the venue like?


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      Re: So you want seat time...?

      Keep in mind you have to be a member for this would be to get that done way in advance.

      The venue?

      They have more usable area than they know what to do with. Same layout as Pitt meadows but the taxiway is the size of the pitt meadows runway. Usually very little overlap on the course. Old asphalt and a couple new patches to throw you off balance.

      I wouldn't overnight, make it a 1 day action packed trip. The only real downside to the travel are the rush hours. You have to time your drive well. It's about 3 hrs from the border, you can find Bremerton on google maps easily.

      Here is a little satelite pic, just ignore the track layout:


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        Re: So you want seat time...?

        Hey Sead,

        Do you think they allow ride alongs at the Practice Day? I'm like to bring my 15 year old daughter along.

        Also, what route are you taking to get there? Using the Port Townsend ferry or the Edmunds/Kinston ferry or ??


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          Re: So you want seat time...?

          I believe they are cool with ridealongs, even on trackdays.
          I would drive right around thru Tacoma and back up to Bremerton.

          Just make sure to get a membership prior to this event, as it is existing members only.



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            Re: So you want seat time...?

            I understand. Thanks.