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    Just a suggestion.
    Back in the old days, there were sprint events held at the westwood track. I was wondering if we could continue to do that in Mission or seattle?


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    Yes, of course. The first thing you do is appoint yourself as event organizer and start phoning the tracks for available dates and find out about rental costs.

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      Joe....the 510 club is again attempting at getting track time at Mission later this summer. Not easy, but we're trying.



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        I'm not sure if it's confirmed yet, but BCMA and the 510 club had booked mission for a weekend in the fall. They may split the weekend, one day just for BCMA members.


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          As far as possible "Sprint" (how old are you /solo I events here is a list of possibilities that might be coming up (some already mentioned):

          - 510 club, one track day
          - BCMC, one solo I day
          - SCCBS, at least one Solo I run group but this is a "high safety" event
          - Drivers Edge in conjunction with BCMA, two days, format is half day trackday, half day solo I

          I will post any new info when these are confirmed.


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            Me?? No way. I was thinking that VCMC as a well known, organized, car club would be more convincing to organize a sprint event and attract people to come. The club has more experience in terms of setting up events and stuff.

            Please keep us updated. If the safety regulation is posted. Please let us know too, and where.
            How old? Age limit for solo 1?



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              We've been in discussions with various organizations for the Mission day. BCMA is trying to get a track day going and Driver's Edge Motorsport is putting together a few Solo 1 days. Due to the nature of these events, all clubs will likely be invited to attend (costs are so high and participation is relatively low).

              If VCMC Motorsport does a track day, it will likely be at Seattle International Raceway, a track that is very exciting to run on.

              MX-5, you're right, the club is very organized, but if someone has an idea, they should bring it forward (like you have) and the club can then assist that member in getting things organized. It's through the members that things happen, currently it's mostly the ELT working through things, but they will be asking for help shortly so there will be a lot of chances to help out, learn about the club and become a fully contributing member.

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                would i be able to run at a track day in my '90 miata with a 4point autopower roll bar and hard top on or are the rollover protection requirements more strict??
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                  Hi Guys,

                  Here is an update on the dates for mission solo Is, keep in mind the dates are pretty firm but the clubs have to finalize the event orginazation. I should also mention that these events are open to all clubs (might be an "invitational").

                  For those of you that haven run at mission, it is pretty much like a solo event as far as corner speeds but the straight line speeds are quite high. Also there is very little runoff room, just concrete dividers! These events should not be taken lightly, the risks to you car can be significant as far as damage. I have seen first hand a couple solo cars taken away by tow trucks $$$.

                  SCCBC Solo I Dates August 17-18 and September 28-29. These will require a higher level of safety equipment, hillclimb levels. Limited entries, just one run group of a road race weekend but good seat nevertheless.

                  Drivers Edge/BCMA dates are August 5 and September 16. These will be half track day, half solo I. Should be fun. Could have a lot of PDC guys there (slow porches).

                  BCMA-510 club track days October 5-6. These will most likely be full days of untimed trackdays. A lot of fun, hard on brakes.