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    AS requested I am posting my thoughts on course working. Again these are my thoughts only that would make for safe working conditions.

    - Have a minimum of 3 workers per station if possible. This can go too far as anymore than 3 or 4 tends to lead to "chatting" at the stations.
    - Have at least one experienced person at each station.
    -The starter needs to be aware of what is happening on course so they do not launch a car when it is unsafe.
    -The worker station closest to the stop/slow down box should follow the car until it is finished as sometimes the car can spin in or near the box.
    -Never turn your back on a car or if there is an overlap, workers split up and watch each car.
    -No talking on cell phones and taking pictures when at a work station.
    -No sitting down at a work station when there is a car on course.
    -Everyone should wear a hi-vis vest.
    -Use your radio and do not be afraid to call for a red flag even if you are unsure. "Better safe than sorry".

    I think the rest of course working is covered under CACC rules and usually brought to attention at the driver meetings.
    Please add to this if you like. I am probably missing a few key points and other people may have noticed other safety concerns.
    The bottom line to alot of course working is common sense.

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    Re: Course working

    my 2 cents...

    please wave the RED FLAG when you hear it.
    no second thought or verification required.
    the worst of hearing "red flag" by mistake is only a short delay.
    but ignoring or delaying a red flag is a shorter life.
    Winter: 2001 IS300 - STX
    Summer: 1978 911SC - SM2