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RSVP: March 31st Closed Club Event # 2

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  • RSVP: March 31st Closed Club Event # 2

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Guido Van Duyn the Event Organizer for Closed Club # 2. Again as last time please RSVP to this post so we have an idea of how many people are coming to the event. As always even if your name or your friends' names are not on this list, we will gladly allow them to run as long as they show up and register before 8:30 AM at our event site.

    Your ELT has reviewed the comments from the previous event we thank you for them and hope to run an even better event this time!

    Registration/tech procedure:

    1. Driver signs waiver before entering premises.
    2. Driver lines up at registration desk.
    3. Driver then goes to tech and waits with car.

    Please provide your name, car, class and whether you are currently a member or not. Use this format:

    Name: Guido Van Duyn
    Car: Mazda 323
    Class: H/S
    Member: Yes

    The event will run as follows:
    Tech and registration: 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM
    Driver's meeting: 9:00 AM Sharp
    First car out: 9:30 AM Sharp


    Competition Director,
    VCMC Motorsport Club

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    Name: Don Bourne/Artemis Calogeros
    Car: '84 Ford Mustang V6
    Class: G/S
    Member: Yes/No (Will pay her's at event)


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      Name: Steve left-foot-braking Kibble
      Car: 1989 Audi 200tq (still no ABS)
      Class: G Stock
      Member: Yes
      Steve Kibble
      Now residing in Victoria.
      My mobile marketing blog:


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        Name: Omid Manouchehri
        Car: Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE
        Class: C/SP
        Member: Yes

        I'll make sure to get and bring my driver's license this time .

        Guido, if you guys need help setting up the course just tell me and I will help for sure. I figure I can gain a lot of knowledge by setting up the course.


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          <blockquote>quote:</font><hr> Guido, if you guys need help setting up the course just tell me and I will help for sure. I figure I can gain a lot of knowledge by setting up the course.

          Thank you Omid,

          Yes we will need help on Saturday with course set-up as Alex will be not be available that day.



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            Name: Derick Pang
            Car: 97 Acura Integra (Non-Vtec)
            Class: D/SS
            Member: Yes


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              hey Guido, what time on saturday?

              I can come down afterwork around 3 from Vancouver.

              Gary Fung
              2003 Nissan 350z
              2011 BMW M3
              2016 Porsche GT4
              2013 Mazda Miata Club


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                Name: Yarko Petriw
                Car: 1990 mazda miata
                Class: C/SS
                Member: yes
                Swift DB1 Formula Ford - trophy collection machine (co driver)
                2006 Lotus Elise - daily driver
                2013 Cannondale CAAD 10 - cycling racer
                1/4 of a Dodge Neon Chumpcar - because I didn't want to risk saving money.
                1992 Acura Integra LS - for those other days (or when I need a trunk)

                2014 Knox Mountain Hill Climb - King of the Hill
                2012 Knox Mountain Hill Climb - New record FF1600, 2nd Overall
                2011 Knox Mountain Hill Climb - Record holder FF1600, 3rd Overall.
                2011 SCCA National Championship - 3 cars, 2 classes, I have no idea...
                2010 SCCA National Tour - 1st CM
                2009 SCCA National Championship - 2nd CM
                2009 SCCA National Tour - 1st CM
                2005 Canadian National Champion - CSP


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                  Name: Cary Lam
                  Car: 98 Audi A4
                  Class: D/SP
                  Member: Yes

                  GT28RS Audi A4 1.8T

                  80 Street Mod
                  .. ..


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                    ed chan
                    92 honda civic


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                      Can't make it.

                      [ March 28, 2002: Message edited by: i-VTEC ]</p>
                      Robert Lu
                      VCMC Alumni 1987
                      VCMC President 1993/1994


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                        Yeah I can finally make it to an event but I will be really pissed if it rains this time after the last two events were sunny.

                        Name: Ernest Fanthorpe
                        Car: Porsche Boxster
                        Class: A/S
                        Member: Yes
                        "Oh drat these computers, they're so naughty and so complex. I could pinch them" Marvin the Martian


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                          <blockquote>quote:</font><hr> hey Guido, what time on saturday?<hr></blockquote>

                          Not sure yet Gary,

                          Thanks for the offer, I'll let you know.



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                            Name: Tom Brydon
                            Car : 96 Neon ACR
                            Class : D/S
                            Member : Yes

                            "I blacked out last run. What happened?"


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                              Name: Farzaan Kassam
                              Car: 91 911 Turbo
                              Class: A/SP
                              Member: Yes

                              I'm going to try the R-compounds again. Hope the results are better than the event I did last with the R tires!

                              Did anyone notice that Robert Lu said he is going to be there? Robert drives the ZR-1 Corvette. For the new guys that don't know, Robert Loo is one of our most senior members, in fact, we call him C-Foo for real reasons.

                              Robert is an ex-President and also one of the few members that can do down to a US Nationals and come back home with a trophy. His driving style is the epitome of the classic VCMC method of teaching, Smoothness, Precision and Control.

                              If I were you, I'd be asking him to save you a ride in his car or better yet, I'd ask him to ride with you and provide you assistance.

                              Robert, Peter, James, Cliff and Paul were the guys that taught me how to drive. Sam O'Young then taught me how to wheel-to-wheel race. Three out of those five resources are still available to you new guys.

                              Red 997 GT3 / 993 Turbo gone but not forgotten.
                              HD YouTube track videos