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Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets – Take Your Driving to the Next Level -- Nov 10, 2018

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  • Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets – Take Your Driving to the Next Level -- Nov 10, 2018

    In case anyone is interested in attending a high performance driving workshop by Ross Bentley held at the Grand Villa Casino Hotel in Burnaby.

    $50 for CACC members
    $75 for non-CACC members

    Lunch and parking included in the registration fee.

    The event is organized by CACC, which is why the CACC membership gets you a discount. Registration on MSR at the following link:

    CACC Advanced Driving Workshop

    Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets – Take Your Driving to the Next Level

    November 10, 2018, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

    When is the best time to begin preparing for your next race? The night before? The week before? The month before? No! Now is the time. And to help you do that – and to make 2019 your best season ever – we have Ross Bentley presenting one of his day-long Speed Secrets workshops meant to give you the “tools” to take your driving to the next level.

    Overall, Ross will give you a deeper understanding of the key techniques and skills that the best drivers in the world use, the most common errors that drivers make (and how to avoid them), and a new way to look at vehicle dynamics. Then, he’ll provide you with hands-on, practical strategies and tactics to improve your mental game (after all, it’s your brain that’s really driving your car).

    Some of the key topics he’ll cover are:
    • How to get into the zone more often
    • How to learn new techniques and tracks faster
    • How to manage your mental focus
    • How to trigger a performance state of mind
    • How to improve your confidence level
    • How to improve your ability to sense the limits of your tires
    • How to use your brakes for more than just slowing down
    • How to improve your corner exit speed
    • How to know whether to tune your car’s handling or your own driving
    • How to identify what to work on with your driving
    • How to coach yourself
    • How to reduce the number of errors you make
    • And… why smooth is fast – and when it isn’t

    Ross will keep you engaged throughout the workshop and provide practical approaches to improve your driving – things you can begin working on right now, and throughout the rest of your driving career. Oh, and it’ll be fun!

    The content Ross will share with you is the same as he uses when coaching elite level pros, club racers, and track day drivers throughout North America and the rest of the world (Australia, England, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Korea, China). And now he’s bringing it back home!

    This workshop is open to all CACC members – Slalom, Time Attack, Karting, Ice Race, Race and Vintage – includes lunch and parking all at an affordable investment!
    Rick Leung
    one of the old farts; used to be somewhat fast

    NC Miata (aka Nancy) - #10 STR
    DE Mazda2 - #29 STF -- the fastest 2015 STF car in the province!

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