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  • Packwood 2018

    For those new to the club, a lot of you might have heard of whispers of some of our fellow members planning to attend the Packwood later this season. The Packwood Championship Tour and ProSolo is hosted by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and spans a weekend in July, this is the closest SCCA Tour event to us being only 4.5 hours away.

    Dates & Registration
    Champ Tour: July 13-15, 2018 >>> Registration through MSR opens on May 30<<<
    ProSolo: July 20-22, 2018 >>> Registration through MSR opens on June 6<<<
    Location: Hampton Mills

    More about the Champ Tour
    The Friday is "optional" for competitors and consists of a small test & tune, tech & registration, and evening course walk. Of course all of this can be done early Saturday morning for those who can't take the day off, timing will be very tight though, but can be done. The two competition days occur on Saturday and Sunday, competitors get 3 runs each day, with Sunday's course being the reverse of Saturday's.

    For those who are uncertain about attending, the tour is definitely a highlight, eye-opening and is a lot of fun! Even if you are new to the sport or feel that your car is under prepared, it is very much worth going just for the experience.

    You get to meet autocrossers outside of the Lower Mainland and see a number of interesting autocross cars from non-prepared cars to fully built autocross cars. Over 250 attend every year, many coming from BC, Alberta, WA, and other parts of the US.

    The autocross site is immense compared to JIBC, 40 acres of paved surfaces at an old lumber yard nestled in Mt. Rainier National Park, it is truly a site to behold! Some attendees even make a family trip out of the event as there are many outdoor activities including hiking trails.

    For those that are attending, be sure to book ahead of time or chat with members about sharing a cabin as these book up quickly. Vacation rental sites we have used with success in the past have been and, there are a few local motels and campsites nearby as well. There is also the option to camp on site.

    You can win free money! Sign up for contingency offerings ahead of time as often times there is confusion. Get contingency stickers at tech inspection. Also, car numbers and class numbers are a requirement, however painters tape may be used if visible.

    Plan your route ahead of time, there may be some snow on certain paths and there are some routes that are more trailer friendly than others.

    Lastly, both washrooms and reception is non-existent in certain areas of Mt. Rainier; it is a long drive back to civilization and do be reminded to save maps offline or risk asking for directions in the middle of no where...

    There is generally a large contingent of VCMC members who go down every year, please feel free to ask any of the ELT about Packwood or any of our membership for more details!

    See you there

    STX Scion FR-S
    STS Mazda Miata
    ES Mazda Miata (Thanks Derek!)

    VCMC Facebook - VCMC Events

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    Registration opens today!
    SCCA - National - National Solo Autocross/Solo info at Hampton Mills in Randle, WA 98377 (312980)
    STX Scion FR-S
    STS Mazda Miata
    ES Mazda Miata (Thanks Derek!)

    VCMC Facebook - VCMC Events


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      I'm in - #51 CM

      Mark Uhlmann, UBCSCC Ex-Pres
      BM #51: 2004 Stohr WF1
      STX #67: 2011 BMW 128i (sold 2019)
      DSP #67: 1997 BMW 328is (sold 2012)


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        A quick look at all our Pacific Northwest Canadians registered (apologies if I missed anyone!):

        C Modified (9 drivers)
        #51 Mark Uhlmann
        #89 John Krotez
        #151 Phil Leavens **
        #189 Mike Marich
        ** Honorary Canadian

        A Modified (3 drivers)
        #87 John Haftner
        #99 Gary Milligan
        #199 Joe Cheng

        B Street (11 drivers)
        #5 Evelyn Lee
        #56 Avril Morrison
        #87 Dean Chen
        #156 Rich Arienzale
        #187 Darrin Linders

        D Street (7 drivers)
        #87 Louis Law

        E Street (12 drivers)
        #96 Andre Marziali
        #99 John Yeung
        #196 Jenny Marziali
        #199 Jack Yeung

        Solo Spec Coupe (10 drivers)
        #27 Fabrice Renaud
        #86 Nick Chu
        #127 Norm Hayton
        #186 Carol Wong

        Street Touring Hatchback (2 drivers)
        #11 Chris Willems

        Street Touring Xtreme (25 drivers)
        #66 Rich Basford
        #96 Jordan Valgardson
        #166 Nigel Koit
        #196 Justin Holme

        Street Touring Roadster (12 drivers)
        #77 Lawrence Liang
        #177 Marlon Perez

        C Street Prepared (7 drivers)
        #75 Robert Lu
        #84 Brian Hemming
        #99 Matt Zyskowski **
        #175 Don Nimi
        #184 Jim Mclaughlan
        #199 Bob Bundy **
        ** Honorary Canadians

        F Street Prepared (2 drivers)
        #88 Roger Tang
        #188 James yip

        Mark Uhlmann, UBCSCC Ex-Pres
        BM #51: 2004 Stohr WF1
        STX #67: 2011 BMW 128i (sold 2019)
        DSP #67: 1997 BMW 328is (sold 2012)


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          You should probably come out to more missed quite a few people

          BS - Val Ball
          STS - Shawn Christianson, Ed Christianson, Matt Schmidt, Wade Schmidt
          STX - Chris Heady**, Nick Trettel**
          STU - Wil Dwyer
          DP - Alan Hemming

          Now who's missing?
          Brian Hemming | 1990 Mazda Miata - CSP | 1993 Mazda MX6 - HS