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Time Attack May 1, 2020

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  • Time Attack May 1, 2020

    Having read the rules, I am still not clear on a few things.

    Is this "Time Attack - No Passing", or "Time Attack - Passing" ?
    If it is "Passing", every driver must wear a driving suit, according to the rules.

    How do we get the cars inspected as per the rules ?
    How do we get the CACC license ?

    Supposedly I must have attended some driving school ? or ?

    What else am I missing?
    Gary and Pat Watson
    2016 Long Beach Red Metallic Corvette Z06 Coupe

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    Hi Gary, you are asking all the right questions.

    This year, VCMC and UBCSCC were approached to help the Cars On Ice group host time attack. Alongside the CACC Time Attack director, the decision was made in February of this year that VCMC will bring on a few new members and organize the 6 Time Attack events being held at Mission Raceway in 2020. There is significant financial backing and manpower required to run these events and additional help was needed to further the sport. You will still see a number of familiar faces in tech and at the events.

    1) The VCMC and UBCSCC events being held this year as NO-Passing Time Attack and are run under the CACC Time Attack rules and regulations.

    2) Registration for any UBCSCC or VCMC event will include membership to that club. Once you have a membership from an approved CACC club you may apply for your CACC Time Attack License through CACC. Every participant is required to have a CACC Time Attack License before competing in an event.

    3) A technical inspector will be present at events to conduct a reasonable inspection to ensure the participants own safety/ technical inspection was thorough.

    4) The first 3 events are open for registration on MSR. The following 3 events are staggered to be released 3 month prior to the event date. Please message me directly if you would like to make a registration request. I would like to see everybody there racing.

    We appreciate the positive support the car community has shown towards expanding the awareness and availability of Time Attack.

    I am hoping to communicate as quickly and efficiently as possible, but there is a lot of information to be spread. I will have a formal post created on this forum shortly.

    In the meantime, to help mitigate the spread of any false information or speculation. Please email myself (Ryan Richman) or the CACC Time Attack director Kevin wall.

    To avoid spam from online bots, my email can be found on the Motorsportreg event under "Registrar".