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Time Attack Turkey Challenge - Oct 11th, 2020

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  • Time Attack Turkey Challenge - Oct 11th, 2020

    Join us for a FULL DAY on Sunday October11th, 2020 for VCMC Time Attack - Turkey Challenge from 7am-4pm

    Time Attack offers a safe environment for those looking to join a group of people who test both their personal limits and the limits of the car. We aim to create a constructive community for participants to work together and defeat the proverbial clock.

    This event is limited in the number of participants (42)

    TURKEY Challenge Special:
    - We will be able to offer a maximum of six (6) spaces available with instruction to first timers. Instruction will be provided in a lead-follow format to allow you to safely experience the track. If this is your first time on track, you will not be timed as it will be a learning experience.
    - A prize will be given to the car that most resembles a turkey
    - A prize will also be given to the smallest displacement (1.7x for boosted cars), most stock car

    First timers and new novices attend an orientation session at the start of the event. We strongly suggest attending at least 1 High Performance Driver Education or Lapping event prior to registering in a Time Attack event.

    Register Here

    Early bird discount - eligible to those who sign up on or before 11:59pm, Thursday September 26th (Two weeks prior to event)
    • $225

    Entry Fee **Prices subject to change prior to release date**
    • $240

    *A timing transponder is required for this event. A transponder is offered for drivers who do not have one for $35

    *VCMC Membership is included. You automatically become a VCMC member when you register and attend an event.

    *A 2020 CACC Time Attack License is required prior to participation.
    Event registration can be completed prior to completing your CACC Time Attack Licence, however a License application and payment must be completed prior to event participation.

    Tentative Schedule
    7:00 am - gates & tech open
    7:50 am - tech closes
    8:00 am - mandatory drivers meeting
    8:30 am - on track sessions begin
    4:00 pm - on track activities cease
    4:30 pm - premises must be vacated
    *The schedule is tentative and subject to change during the event.

    The event will include 2 warmup/ qualifying sessions and 4 timed sessions (time permitting)

    Warm-up runs: ~10 minutes (2 warm-up sessions on a full day event)
    Drivers will be classified based on their anticipated lap time. Any grouping changes can then be made before official timed runs begin.

    Timed runs: Out-lap, 3 timed laps, cool-down lap (4 timed session expected on a full day event)
    Run heats will be staggered based on each cars fastest time of the day. If you surpass another vehicles lap time, you will run ahead of them in your heat. Organizers will actively update and stager drivers based on their perspective lap times.

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    Interested in participating in future events and would like to stop by and spectate for a while next Sunday. Okay to stop by and watch?