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2021 Time Attack / Time Trials Season

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  • 2021 Time Attack / Time Trials Season

    In 2021 we have created a new Time Attack dedicated group, Speedy Goat Motorsports Club which will be hosting the 2021 Time Attack / Time Trials season. You will still see the same smiling faces, organizers, and volunteers committed to offering a complete Time Attack series. The new group will also promote alongside VCMC and UBCSCC in their lapping events.

    More information can also be found at:

    Time Attack offers a safe environment for drivers looking to join a group of people who test both their personal limits and the limits of the car. We aim to create a constructive community for participants to work together and defeat the proverbial clock. Time Attack is also a logical choice for those who enjoy competing in auto-X, but would like a little more seat time per dollar.

    Time Trials # 1 - Mission Raceway Thursday, May 13th 7:30 am to 4 pm Full Day event Registration
    Time Trials # 2 - Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit Saturday, June 5th 9:00 am to 5 pm Full Day event Registration
    Time Trials # 3 - Mission Raceway Monday, June 21st 7:30 am to 4 pm Full Day event Registration
    Time Trials # 4 - Mission Raceway Monday, July 12th 7:30 am to 4 pm Full Day event Registration
    Time Trials # 5 - Mission Raceway Thursday, July 29th 7:30 am to 4 pm Full Day event Registration
    Time Trials # 6 - Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit Friday, September 25th 9:00 am to 4 pm Full Day event Registration
    *Registration for each event is through

    Full day events at Mission are $240 early bird and $260 full price.
    Full day events at Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit are $389 early bird and $419 full price.
    All participants are required to have a timing transponder, which is available for $32 rental per event.

    Full Day events will have 2 qualifying/ warmup sessions and 4+ timed sessions (time permitting).

    Qualifying runs: ~15 minutes
    Drivers will first qualify during the first heat of the event, vehicle run heats will be determined from these times and grouped into timed run heats.

    Timed runs: out-lap, 3 timed laps, cool-down lap
    Run heats will be staggered based on each cars fastest time of the day. If you surpass another vehicles lap time, you will run ahead of them in your heat. Organizers will actively update and stage drivers based on their perspective lap times.

    What is Time Attack / Time Trials?
    Time Trials events are the combination of an Autocross event mixed with a Track / Lapping event. Drivers get the opportunity to drive around the track unobstructed and measure their best lap. Drivers work to improve both themselves and their vehicles as they can monitor their progress throughout the season.

    Is my vehicle eligible?
    Stock and modified vehicles are welcome! If you have driven your vehicle at auto-X or Lapping/ HPDE event, you are eligible. You will need to check your car as a technical inspection before and at the event.
    All vehicles must be in a safe condition and pass an inspection to be conducted prior to the event. All items in this section are to be inspected to ensure the vehicle meets all requirements without exception and are subject to the approval of the scrutineer at each event.

    Am I eligible?
    Yes, you are encouraged to come out! We will have coaches available for your first event to help guide you through the day and allow you to safely learn the track. Vehicles and drivers are paired into groups with similar experience and driving styles to keep everyone drivingly smoothly on the track.
    To aid learning and driver focus, your first event will not be timed (you do not need to rent a transponder). Drivers are also grouped into similar lap time sessions allowing participants to drive at their own pace without feeling pressured to over-drive.

    What safety gear is required?
    You will be required to me SCCA required safety for your class. Most cars meet these requirements with a properly maintained vehicle.

    Helmets: meeting the 2010 (or later) Snell Memorial Foundation standard are approved. In the case of competitors using an “M” helmet, a balaclava is also required. No balaclava is required if using a SA helmet. Shirts and pants of a non-synthetic material covering the body from the neck to the wrists to the ankles

    Roll Protection: Roll-over protection is highly recommended for all vehicles and is mandatory for vehicles with fold-own or completely removable tops. Please check the SCCA Time Trials Safety website for additional details.

    Clothing: Shirts and pants of a non-synthetic material covering the body from the neck to the wrists to the ankles

    What about series points?
    The competitor must compete in a minimum of 50% plus 1 of the events to qualify for a championship standing.
    1st 10 points
    2nd 8 points
    3rd 6 points
    4th 5 points
    5th 4 points
    6th 3 points
    7th 2 points
    8th 1 point
    Refunds/credits for cancellations will be made at the discretion of the event organizer prior to one month before the event date. Within one month to the event date there will be no refunds.

    BY REGISTERING, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ AND AGREE TO ALL CONDITIONS OF THE SUPPLEMENTAL REGULATIONS. Any violations of these regulations will result in an immediate end to your day - please read BEFORE signing up.

    There is absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for any burnouts or reckless driving before during or after the event. Evening events will be entering the track after another club has been racing. Be courteous to those who are on track or in the pits.

    Thank you to all those who read the entire post. Now go sign up, challenge your friends and make this season a fantastic year!

    Ryan Richman