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Insurance options for track day?

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  • Insurance options for track day?

    Hi all,

    At the warm-up event, someone mentioned to me about insurance for a track day. I definitely don't want to take my new(ish) car to Mission without insurance, but I would love to take it!

    I did some googling around for insurance, but I haven't been able to hit on the right keywords, I just keep getting regular car insurance.

    Does anyone know good places to look to find out about car insurance for track days?


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    I've heard mention of these guys

    I have no personal experience with them so you'll probably want to do some more research
    Brian Hemming | 1990 Mazda Miata - CSP | 1993 Mazda MX6 - HS


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      Apparently also these guys. Again no personal experience, so do some research....
      Brian Hemming | 1990 Mazda Miata - CSP | 1993 Mazda MX6 - HS


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        Has anyone used Track Day Insurance? Their website doesn't have any 2019 events listed, it's a broken link to the 2018 events.


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          Hi guys, anyone has any updates here since 2 years ago? Going to take my car to mission and I would really like to have insurance on it.


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            I used Stoneridge back in 2018 and 2019, when I asked about this.
            I called them recently, to get insurance for something, and they said they're not doing it this year. Apparently their underwriters said no. Something about there not being enough events, and hence enough premiums collected, to make paying out worthwhile. I'm not aware of any options in Canada at the moment. 😣