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VCMC 2019 Track Day #2 2019 - Area 27

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  • VCMC 2019 Track Day #2 2019 - Area 27

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    Join us on Saturday May 25, 2019 for the VCMC Track Day #2 at Area 27 hosted by VCMC Motorsport Club. Area 27 is a 16-turn, 4.83 km long permanent road racing circuit.

    To register (, you will fill out the form as normal but will only be approved entry once your membership is confirmed. You will be charged the full amount for the track day and there will be no refunds. If you sign up, and are not a member, your registration will be put on hold until Friday Feb 22, when we open remaining event spots to the public. These remaining spots will be processed on a first come first serve basis.

    Our track events are open to drivers of various experience levels. Drivers are grouped by experience to ensure that all the drivers and vehicles in each session are evenly matched.

    If you are new to track racing and want to attend we will require you to register and complete one of out Mission lapping days PRIOR to this event and become signed off to drive solo. If you have not driven with VCMC before, exceptions can be made with proof of experience. Prior track experience is MANDATORY for this event as instruction is not provided or sanctioned.

    Lapping groups will fall into 4 categories. Relaxed, Intermediate, Advanced, and Area 27 First Timer. If you have never run the track at Area 27 before then you will need to enter in the First Timer group and run with the Area 27 approved pace car for the day. This pace car will most likely never be in your way, they are on track to evaluate and keep everyone safe. The other groups will not be paced but do require prior experience at Area 27. Exceptions for the first timer group can be made to those with proof of a valid race license or accredited performance driving school certificate.

    Entry Fee: $435 CAD (tax included in price)

    Your entry fee does not include lunch. We are arranging to have on site catering and the club house for eating, viewing and relaxing. Please support the on site food vendor as they are coming to the event at no cost to the club to keep our entry fees low.

    The track day event will be limited to a maximum of 60 paid participants plus event organizers.

    Area 27 recommends the following hotels; just mention you are with the track to receive a discount. There are other hotels in the area if these are full, just remember to book early as we will be in high season for the area.

    Watermark Beach Resort

    Spirit Ridge Resort

    Penticton Lakeside Resort & Conference Centre

    Coast Oliver Hotel
    VCMC Competition Director

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    I’m having a difficult time signing up for the May 25th Area 27 track day.

    I have an account with the MotorsportsReg, which I have used in the past.

    When I go to sign up, I do not have the opportunity to say my level of experience and which car I’d like to use ....

    I had a friend log in with my info, but he experienced the same issue.

    Any thoughts???
    I’d love to attend if the 60 spots aren’t filled by Friday with current VCMC members

    Mike Mc


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      Managed to get my friend to get me on the wait list.



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        Hey Matt -

        Sent you an email via the MSReg website regarding my experience level for this event...LMK what you think. Thanks!

        Track modified 2012 BMW E92 M3


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          Thanks for your response Matt!
          So, I'm in for this event - just wondering what is done for car numbers (if any) - do I provide my own? do they get issued at tech inspection/drivers meeting?

          2nd Q: Can I bring (and use) a set of Continental slicks for the dry and a set of Potenza RE11 for the wet, should it be required?
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            Originally posted by SpeedFreek View Post

            2nd Q: Can I bring (and use) a set of Continental slicks for the dry and a set of Potenza RE11 for the wet, should it be required?
            It's rarely ever wet at Area 27, its super dry in that part of the province. I wouldn't be too concerned about requiring a wet tire, that being said I am pretty sure you can run any tire you want.


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              Cool. Good to know. Thanks!


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                I still don't have the engine in my car so I won't be able to make this track day. Please give it to someone on the wait list. Thanks. Pip


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                  When is everyone rolling out of the Vancouver area?

                  I'm planning on leaving around 10ish, stop at the Hope Chevron for lunch and leave there around 1 for the rest of the way.

                  Plan on having my FRS on Channel 2 / 7

                  Zach Wong

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